ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Roaches International

Roaches International is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials performance testing instruments and laboratory-based dyeing/finishing (continuous/semi-continuous) equipment. Globally recognised testing instruments include Washtec, Durawash, Martindale, Pyrotec3 and Opti-dry.

According to David Buxton, Sales Director, an upgraded product design utilises the new Roaches International colour scheme and brand logo and gives our materials testing instruments a modern clean appearance.


Roaches International will release the World first and groundbreaking “ORBIS” during the ITMA 2019 exhibition. ORBIS operating system will enable materials testing efficiency, test reporting, and results to have total traceability and be fully connected into the Global supply chain through comprehensive connectivity; WiFi, Bluetooth and Cloud, (Amazon, Google and Azure)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) login cards will restrict instrument operation/maintenance to only trained and accredited personnel. ORBIS will record, report and distribute data direct to PC, laptop, cell or “cloud” based storage system.


Roaches is a trading name of Advanced Dyeing Solutions Limited and will be exhibiting at ITMA Barcelona (Linkway UL D204).


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