ITMA 2019, Barcelona

ITEMA Group: Innovations on stage at ITMA 2019

Itema, the Italian global leading provider of best-in-class weaving solutions, participates at ITMA with the goal to establish and confirm once again its technological leadership in the industry. Itema, that recently launched Itematech – the new division dedicated to technical textiles born as a result of the agreement signed with PTMT (ex Panter) – will feature 3 stands and 11 weaving machines, plus more in partner’s booths. Itema will showcase on the ITMA global stage new innovations set to amaze worldwide weavers and experts.

Seven machines will be displayed - along with special products highlights - in the Itema booth including two new market launches, a new weaving insertion concept and a series of weaving novelties:


A high performing  airjet weaving machine capable to reach the highest performances and unparalleled fabric quality and design versatility, the Itema airjet A9500-2bedsheeting makes its debut at ITMA 2019. The A9500-2bedsheeting has been tailored on bed sheeting weavers unique requirements.

Key machine components - such as main and tandem nozzles - have been redesigned along with the whole pneumatic platform to ensure superior performances in terms of speed coupled with superior fabric quality and textile efficiency.

Itema A9500-2bedsheeting.

The brand-new heald frames SKYFRAME - Itema’s exclusive proprietary technology - made of aluminium and carbon and has been designed by Itemalab in cooperation with Lamiflex. Heald frames represent key components on airjet technology and the Itema SKYFRAME, thanks to its superior lightness and sturdiness, allows to run at the highest speeds without compromising reliability and resistance.


The second airjet weaving machine on display is the A9500-2, the Second Generation of the Itema airjet A9500 and A9500p with enhanced speed and machine performances.

The weft insertion cycle is significantly improved leading to a quicker system response when handling air load and pressure guaranteeing minimum vibrations and higher structural reliability.

The A9500-2 features the brand-new Bi-Power stretch nozzle ensuring perfect weft catching pick by pick. Compact, powerful and cordless, the Bi-Power stretch nozzle allows air consumption reduction and increased fabric quality by keeping the weft perfectly straight in the fabric. The brand-new Itema SKYFRAME will be exhibited also on the A9500-2.


The denim dedicated rapier R9500-2denim that, since market launch at ITM 2018 in Istanbul has become a real market success, will be equipped with iSAVER™ - the Itemalab™ latest mechatronic marvel which completely eliminates the weft and warp waste on the left-hand side of the fabric. iSAVER™ represents  a tangible innovation introduced in weaving after a longtime establishing a new benchmark in sustainable weaving and guaranteeing a significant money saving.

The Itema denim dedicated rapier machine, figures in hand, in real weaving conditions is the fastest on the market. At ITMA, the R9500-2denim comes with a further optimized weft transfer system that reflects what weavers always dreamed of: maximum speed and maximum reliability, together.

Itema R9500-2denim.

The iBOOSTER package literally boosts machine’s performances, without compromising reliability. When running extremely fast, key rapier insertion system components are subject to considerable stress. Thanks to a deep materials study made by Itemalab, in close cooperation with Lamiflex, Itema succeeded in developing new reinforced tapes, sprocket wheels and micro smart coolers to ensure extended lifetime. Moreover, a revolutionary detection system through sensors and digital intelligence allows a real-time control of the components health status.

iCARE, part of the iBOOSTER package, is a future oriented system which - thanks to an advanced sensors mechanism - monitors in real-time the state of health of the Itema tapes and sprocket wheels suggesting possible adjustments or interventions through the machine latest generation console.

iCARE brings significant benefits to the weavers, including the possibility to run the machine at the highest speeds without compromising components reliability and to adopt a future-oriented preventive maintenance solution.


The most successful rapier machine in recent history comes at ITMA in its Second Generation. The R95002 is ready to establish a new technological benchmark in rapier weaving by further improving key machine’s functionalities.

Always working on improving Itema Customers’ benefits and to make weavers’ life easier, Itema focused in implementing on the Itema R95002 key advancements that now make this machine the most energy efficient rapier weaving machine on the market while ensuring best-in-class textile performances and fabric quality. Moreover, the R95002 – already renowned for its user-friendliness – has been further optimized to ensure the best user-experience ever.

The machine lubrication system and main mechanical components have been optimized to guarantee a considerable energy consumption reduction.

Itema A9500p.

Moreover, the Itema R95002 is equipped with a direct drive motor with oil cooling which ensures reduced maintenance and energy saving.

Featuring the smallest shed in its category, the Itema shed geometry guarantees zero stop marks thus leading to superior fabric quality and top fabric hand-feel even when running at the highest speeds.

The R95002 features a lowered front frame to facilitate machine accessibility for the weaver when carrying out daily textile operations.

The weaver has a complete machine control through the brand-new latest generation, high-performance, super sensitive console which guarantees the highest reactivity and maximum reliability.

Due to the brand-new Itema plant management software iMANAGER, the plant manager can easily control and access machines data and statistics from computer or portable devices. iMANAGER is available for all the Itema machine models.

Two R95002 will be exhibited, the first equipped with top fancy beam and weaving a high-end shirting fabric and a wide Jacquard loom weaving a complex fancy furnishing style, field where Itema is traditionally recognized as best-in-class. Three more R95002 machines will be on show at ITMA in Stäubli, Bonas and MEI booths.


R9500terry, the champion of the worldwide high-end terry weaving market comes to ITMA fully loaded with its famous and unique technological highlights to show its unparalleled textile versatility and superior fabric quality.

Itema R9500terry.


ITMA 2019 will be the absolute world-premiere of what Itema named a while back “The Loom of the Future”. The brand-new Itema Discovery, demonstrateS Itema’s mission to tirelessly work to innovate the weaving industry. Introduced at ITMA as a concept, Discovery completely redefines weaving foundations by basing its operations on mechatronic principles and not anymore, as it happens on current weaving machines, on mechanical drives. The machine – that will run only a couple of times during the exhibition daily demo hours – is set to amaze worldwide weaving aficionados.


OEM Spare Parts

In addition to Itema’s line-up of the latest and most innovative new weaving machines in the market, Itema will also feature its spare parts and after-sales support: fast and reliable service when it comes to offering customers peace of mind through high-quality replacement parts, customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit latest Itema innovations on existing looms, electric, electronic and mechanic repairs to give new life to looms, as well as training to ensure Itema weavers get the most out of their weaving machines.

Itematech - Hall 4, A101

In the Itematech stand (Hall 4 – A101), the focus will be on technical textiles with 4 weaving machines on display to demonstrate the most comprehensive product portfolio in the market to weave the widest range of technical fabrics. Thanks to the strong know-how resulting from the merger of Itema and PTMT (formerly Panter) expertise and competences, Itematech will offer the most comprehensive weaving portfolio available in the market to weave technical fabrics and the most skilled and experienced technical textiles team in the industry.

Technical fabrics manufacturers will now on find in Itematech a unique partner and technological reference point to meet and exceed all their needs when it comes to weaving the full range of technical applications.

At ITMA, Itematech will exhibit 4 machines:

  • The famous UniRap, capable to weave the widest range of carbon fiber and composite yarns, on show weaving a linen tape fabric (due to exhibition’s carbon fiber restrictions)
  • The Hercules rapier machine – 380 cm - weaving a heavy filter fabric style
  • The Hercules in extra-wide width - 550cm - running geotextile
  • The R9500-2 – 280 cm - with FPA-Free Positive Appoach weft transfer weaving a complex filter fabric style

The line-up has been prepared to show the widest range of weaving solutions that Itematech offers to the market, by covering every single and specific textile requirement.

Lamiflex Hall 4, C106

Last but not least, Lamiflex – the leading supplier of technical composite products of which Itema acquired majority stakes in 2017 – will be present at ITMA (Hall 4 – C106) with its ample catalogue of key rapier weft transfer components available for a wide range of rapier machines on the market, such as tapes and sprocket wheels, with an offering that allows the weavers to find in a unique partner the best European quality and sector know-how with the advantage of a competitive offering.

Itema Group will welcome visitors in its three stands with a product line-up designed to confirm and demonstrate its dedication to innovation and the Made in Italy excellence in the weaving sector.


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