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Color Service offers automatic dosing of dyestuff

Mr. Fabrizio Toschi, the dyer and a shareholder of “Tintoria Astico” founded Color Service in 1987.  Over the years the range of Color Service automatic dosing systems became larger, up to the production of dosing systems for liquid auxiliaries, powder dyes, in production and laboratory, and for dyeing and printing houses and even tanneries.

Color Service is also specialised in the automatic management of continuous dyeing cycles, in foulards and finishing. In a few years Color Service became the world leader, conquering an important position in the textile machinery field with products “Made in Italy”, creating a name recognized worldwide that is synonymous with cutting edge systems and high technology. Choosing a Color Service plant means to have the backing and support of an industry leader with 25 years of proven experience. Thanks to their worldwide sales and support network they export to almost every country in the world.

Automatic dosing of dyestuff

Color Service Srl weighing unit mod. TRS automatically weighs any type of dyestuff in powder or in granule form, guaranteeing accuracy of the dosing, reproducibility of the recipes and the maximum hygiene in the working environment. The machine structure is very strong and durable as the boxes are made in anodised aluminium, from 90 lt. to 450 lt. capacity. The system is both modular and expandible. The dyestuff transfer is made through suction with high head and low delivery. This characteristic offers rapid loading performance and it has a low air consumption with low filtering surface. Moreover, the lower contact between air and dyestuff guarantees the original level of moisture content. Automatically a counter flow air circuit cleans the filter. The hoppers are equipped with high speed irrigation screws on which it is mounted a scraper patented by us. This combination allows a remarkable accuracy within small weighings and the accuracy is guaranteed by the use of Mettler’s high accuracy weighing instruments. This system has been applied to many sectors, such as textile, printing, ceramic, wood, cosmetic, varnishes, making the suitable personalisation required by every market.

Parking for weighed recipes

In order to satisfy the demand of high capacity dyeing machines or to serve a substantial number of machines, it is possible to install a parking for weighed recipes, combined with the TRS weighing unit. In this way the recipes having a considerable amount of dyestuff (i.e. 40 or 50 kg) can be weighed in advance by the TRS, stored in the parking and dissolved immediately upon request of the dyeing apparatus. The robot of the dissolver handles the automatic motion of the kegs, carrying them from the parking to the dissolution tank.

Full automation of powder products/dyestuffs

The full automation for the dosing of the dyes is achieved combining the unit TRS with the automatic dissolution unit produced by Color Service in various models:

  • JIT (to serve small dyeing machines with reduced water volume)
  • SCC 35 lt. with 1 dissolution keg to dissolve medium quantity recipes, of about max 15 kg.
  • SCC 50 lt. with 1 dissolution keg to dissolve medium quantity recipes, of about max 18 kg.
  • SCC 2 with n.2 dissolution tanks to serve big capacity machines or a substantial number of dyeing machines.

The dissolution units will then send in automatic the dissolved dye, according to the parameters of dissolution fixes by customer, at destination. As an alternative to the solution in full automatic, the weighing unit TRS can weigh the recipes into buckets or into hydrosoluble bags, depositing them on a rollerway. Every recipe will have its own ticket printed.

Dyestuff loading into the hoppers

With this very easy operation, the operator keys on the touch screen the position of the dyestuff to be loaded. The pump starts automatically, the manual valve is opened and the transfer starts. Optional is the barcode reader.

Dye stuff weighing

The dyestuff scale trolley is completely closed and a slight vacuum is created during the weighing phase. This prevents atmospheric pollution and it protects the scale from air currents. Together with other technology employed only by Color Service, one is guaranteed accurate and reliable weighing.


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