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Beat the Heat: Summer Energy-Saving Tips

With summer around the corner, it is a crucial time to start preparing facilities for the summer heat. Companies often think about outfitting their facilities for colder months, but it is just as important to consider compressor maintenance before the summer heat sets in. With hotter and more humid weather, compressor loads can easily reach peak levels and cause energy consumption to rise.

Keeping maintenance a top priority will help ensure there is less downtime and energy wastage. Here are a few tips to prepare your compressor system for the summer:

  • Check that drains are in good working condition. Higher humidity in the summer produces more condensate, and drains will need to handle extra water flow.

  • Remove debris and clean out clogged coolers to prevent compressors from overheating.

  • Clean or replace compressor filters. Dirty filters lead to pressure drops, but clean filters will reduce energy consumption and keep compressors running cooler.

  • Properly ventilate the compressor room. Especially during summer months, it’s important to route hot air outdoors or away from the compressor room using ducts and vents.

  • If the system operates a water-cooled compressor, adjust the pressure, flow and temperature of the water entering the compressor to avoid overheating.

As always, consult a compressed air specialist for recommendations specific to your facility’s processes. Contact Rastgar for specific advice on compressed air system maintenance


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