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“Goller’s continuous processing technology has helped us achieve the
highest quality standards”

 Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, CEO Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills.

Please tell us about your company and its history?

My father started the business in 1983-84 as a trader of cloth, then entered the wholesale business.

Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, CEO Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills.

We started with table print and roll print, then we moved towards dyeing. We had started as traders of menswear for the local market and got the initial experience from it.  From 1983 to 1988 we did commercial printing and dyeing and also started on the wider width for the home textiles. However, this was not a good phase for us and we left this business.

Having experience in menswear, we decided to work and specialise in cotton fabrics. We bought some second-hand machines and started our business and started our business of wet processing.

When I joined the company in 1994,  my father did not let me sit in the office and I worked on the floor in different departments such as folding or grey.  I learned a great deal from the experts who held diplomas in their technical fields. In 1996 my father suffered a mild stroke followed by another one in1998.  After that, I completely took over the management of the company in 1999.

Those were indeed very difficult times for us. Taking advantage of the situation, a competitor poached our entire team starting from the GM to the technical staff.  Fortunately, I had learned the production on the floor and was able to hire a fresh team with a focused vision.

We learned together and put our company back together. Soon after we got very busy and in 2000 we decided to completely revamp our factory. We bought new land and expanded with new machines. Only the factory roof and boiler was old and the rest were renovated. It was an achievement that our factory was closed only for three days during this major  renovation allowing us to optimise the flow of all machines.  With this change, we increased our production 1.5 fold.  Our Faisalabad factory in terms of cleanliness and efficiency was compared with the best of export units. We had state of the art offices there at that time.

Muhammad Ahmed, CEO, with Mr. Jamal Jan, Director,
Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills

We moved in our present premises from Maqbool road in 2006, after buying this place due to our needs for more space. With this renovation we increased our efficiency manifold.  Most of the machines were new but our old machines were also utilized here in our new setup. In 2010 the production in this unit was started.

We worked exclusively on cotton fabrics and dyed different varieties of 100% cotton. This was a difficult period for me and our company due to extraordinary workload until my brother  Jamal Jan joined us in 2012 after completing his education and training in the UK.

 Today, we have state of the art technology such as Goller and other European brands installed in this facility. And we are able to meet the stringent requirements of our customers satisfactorily.  Our name in the industry is now synonymous with quality.

Why did you opt for the Goller Pad Steam Dyeing Range Colora and what are its advantages that you can mention?

 The machine is most suitable for cotton. It gives a very fine finish and softness. 70-80 % our focus is cotton based.  Conventional business in this field is batch process. Previously we were utilizing conventional techniques but now we are doing shirting business in a continuous manner.

Going for continuous processing was a great challenge for us. We took the bold decision and with trial and error we have achieved excellent results and great success. Many of our competitors tried it taking our lead but could not succeed.

As our focus is entirely on the local market, using a continuous line where it was never done before, was a great challenge for us. Both Goller ranges; mercerizing Optima and Pad Steam dyeing Colora able to help us meet new challenges successfully. Our capacity has increased to a record 6 million meters / month.

As commission dyers, we learned to work with good people as customers who are doing quality work and expect the best from us. Since our start in 1999 till today we have never used substandard or cheap products. We continue using the best chemicals, dyes and auxiliaries with our machines. Because I do not compromise on the quality, I get the premium rates  as demanded.

What are your strengths as compared to the competition and how do
you maintain your quality?

We are dedicated towards improving customer satisfaction through our continuous product innovations and providing world-class quality using the latest technology at hand in the industry. That is why we have invested in the word renowned technology such as Goller.

We treat our customers as our strategic partners and ensure that customer service excellence is always our top priority. We provide on-time deliveries, Quick turnaround time, a pre-order sampling & development service, a planned order-tracking solution through Enterprise Resource Planning and new product development.

The lead time (excluding transit time) for all our orders is 3 weeks, which only goes up to 4 weeks during peak times. The lab-dips are usually completed within 5 days while the sample yardages are finished within 14 days.

We also have long term customers who have been with us since last 25 to 30 years. Today, to meet the increasing demand, besides cotton, our mainstay, we are able to work with polyester, viscose and light and heavy fabrics for men except woollen fabrics.

How do you support your workers/employees and what are your policies for them?

We are blessed with the best team of workers in our industry. We provide the best possible working environment to them so that they also feel good working with us.  So my people would like to remain with me. We are like a family here in the factory. Our office doors are open for everyone and everything is transparent. Due to the high motivation of workers we have been to achieve the best possible results and all systems are working well. 

How would you summarise the key to your success?

We believe in quality production. Quality is our passion and as a team we strive nonstop towards achieving the highest possible quality and goals meeting even higher standards than demanded by our customers.

That is why we have invested in the continuous processing by Goller. Goller is one of the most respected name in the industry and the service as provided by their representatives in Pakistan, Al-Ameen Trading Corporation is exemplary.


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