ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Let’s stay in the finishing process. Mr. Mestermann, company Mahlo develops and produces measurement and control equipment for the textile and nonwoven industry. A basic idea of Industry 4.0 is collecting and processing data for better production results. How is Mahlo addressing this issue?

Mestermann: A new platform from Mahlo realizes these ideas of industry 4.0 with digital technologies. In the digitization concept for all Mahlo products, the functionalities are grouped, optimized and standardized as "services". This results in modular hardware and software function blocks that can also be retrofitted. There are modules  e.g. for the acquisition and processing of measured values, for control tasks or for the long-term archiving, data logging and analysis.

Why should manufacturers and finishers of textile fabrics invest in your solutions?

Mestermann: Our new platform makes it easier for customers to use data in a meaningful manner to optimize their processes. Networking of Mahlo devices with each other and with other systems ensures consistent data exchange and enables the bundling of information as a basis for process improvement. Higher machine availability through remote maintenance via better product quality by adaptive control or flexible data analysis as the basis for better decisions provide immediate monetary benefits.

Rainer Mestermann, Managing Director, Mahlo.

Can you quantify the benefits, please?

Mestermann: One example is the control module in our weft straighteners. Together with a renowned university, the distortion control was revised and digitized. Optimized hardware and software resulted in a faster and more efficient controller. Evaluations confirmed by customers prove that the control module regulates 20% faster and more precisely than before. Better straightening results reduce the production of second-choice goods and the need to pass the same fabric through the stenter several times.

 Gentlemen, thank you very much for this discussion. More than 200 VDMA member companies will exhibit at ITMA end of June. We are eagerly looking forward to a fantastic and successful ITMA in Barcelona.

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