ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Let’s go a step forward in the textile chain. Industry 4.0. is also an issue in fabric production. Mr. Kürig, at ITMA ASIA 2018 Karl Mayer launched its own digital brand, KM.ON. What is new in the associated digital solutions portfolio with regard to production?

Kürig: KM.ON’s range of features has been extended considerably. A good example from Karl Mayer is a new digital tool that combines a PDA system with a ticket system to enable any disruptions in production to be managed efficiently. The relevant information can be input easily and quickly at the machine and forwarded to the appropriate location in real time. Any problems can be dealt with quickly, and the root cause can be tackled rapidly by displaying the relevant sequence.

Maximilian Kürig, Managing Director, KM.ON, a software start-up company
of Karl Mayer with Antonia Gottschalk.

What does this tool mean for the machine operator? Is it an operator friendly technology?

Kürig: This system is very easy to operate, which means that this new development can be used immediately. 


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