ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Dr. Horn, Herzog is producing braiding machines. What is your latest I4.0 product and what is your approach?

Dr. Horn: An additional module for Herzog machines, an app-box, with which Industry 4.0 scenarios can be realised without employing software teams or starting big Industry 4.0 projects. This technology is an app-based one. Apps can be downloaded and installed easily.

How do customers benefit from this?

Dr. Horn: The customer can easily access the data of Herzog machines, e.g. on a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The data can be visualised on dashboards created by the customer on terminals or others. The data can be processed, e.g. by creating key figures, alarms or analyzation. Alarms and information could be transferred by e-mail, messengers. Furthermore, the data can be linked to order from pps systems or transferred to the machines – if the customer decides to go this way.

Dr. Horn, Herzog.

Can you quantify the benefit?

Dr. Horn: No formation of software teams outside machines. New applications could be created easily. No additional software.

What is really new at this solution?

Dr. Horn: It is the result of a three-year research project. Various innovations have been implemented: The use of cloud technologies on the shop floor; open source technologies for inexpensive apps; no internet connection is necessary. The main advantage however is the “one-click” installation of apps which have been applicable only for smartphones and tablets. The apps are installed in a so-called box outside the machines.


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