ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Let’s move forward in the textile chain. Ms. Dilo, how can Industry 4.0 help customers in the nonwovens industry to increase efficiency and so to decrease costs?

Dilo: Our new operator system assists the operators through intelligent sensors and automatized modes allowing a reduction of workforce at nonwoven lines. At a line restart, the newly formed web may wrap around rollers in the card and crosslapper. The new starting mode automatically prefills the line and forms a stable start nonwoven, minimizing the risk of wrappings.

Rebekka Dilo, Assistant to the Management, Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik.

 What is the effect of this?

Dilo: As a result, the line starts smoothly with minimal manual intervention. Moreover, an energy-saving technology helps to decrease costs at the fibers transport, one of the main energy consumers in needling lines. Instead of operating the ventilators for the fiber-air transport at maximum frequency, the system controls the ventilator speed according to the actual throughput and also gives warnings before blockages can occur. The technology therefore targets ecosensitive nonwoven producers, who also want to increase their line availability.

This targets especially producers working with fiber blends and several bale openers respectively.


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