ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Mr. Müller-Probandt, company Dienes specialises in machine components for the manmade fiber production as well as textile special applications. One focus are pilot installations for research. How is Industry 4.0 touching this application?

Müller-Probandt: One key product in our portfolio is a modular spinning system which allows customised solutions, starting from thread run studies to complete pilot installations. 

Each unit has its own PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which allows to run DIENES units in foreign lines or to integrate foreign units in a DIENES line. The units can be operated with an interface directly or over the ethernet from an upper control system.

Steffen Müller-Probandt, Managing Partner, Dienes Apparatebau.

What are the advantages for customers e.g. research institutes or R&D departments?

Müller-Probandt: Our modular system includes a line overview, which rearranges itself almost automatically for different operation modes in alternative machine sequences. The detailed process representation allows the customer to monitor directly the effect for all changes of parameters.

If a good yarn could be realized it is possible to backtrack the journey of this yarn through the process.

The parameters can be modified with mobile devices, like a pad or a mobile phone. All these functionalities allow the research institutes and industry to reduce the cost of investments and to operate fast and flexibly in the development of new products, which additionally save costs and time.


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