ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Mr. Kemnitzer, Baumüller is a well-known manufacturer of intelligent drive and automation systems as well as software for numerous branches, including textile machinery. One focus is simulation software. What’s actually new?

Kemnitzer: Many simulation tools graphically depict machines and systems as 3D simulations. These standard tools focus on the behavior of the machines under optimal conditions. Our simulation software starts one step ahead. In the first step, the drives and the mechanical parts are selected for the respective application task in order to then verify the motion profiles of the machine.

What advantage does the software offer?

Kemnitzer: Our software is very user-friendly. With classical simulation tools a large number of different parameters has to be entered. The advantage of our tool is the great simplification of the models without losing their accuracy. Application engineers can work with ready-made models that are just as accurate from the calculation cycles as they are in other simulation tools. Due to the complete integration in the operating software, the models are automatically parameterized and changes can be carried out very quickly. The result of the simulation process is a parameter set which can be used in the real application. This saves much time in the engineering process and reduces the time to market.

Leonhard Kemnitzer, Head of Marketing, Baumüller Nürnberg.

Thank you very much for this Industry 4.0 journey along the textile chain plus supplier. More than 200 VDMA member companies will exhibit at ITMA end of June. We are eagerly looking forward to a fantastic and successful ITMA in Barcelona.

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