ITMA 2019, Barcelona

Discover the power of innovation – CHT Textile Solutions at ITMA 2019

Progress seems to be easy, but only sustainable innovations provide evidence of a true inventor’s sense. Being innovative also means taking responsibility for the future. With decades of experience along the textile value chain, the globally active CHT Group offers an incomparably large range of services focusing on sustainable and forward-looking specialty chemicals and the efficient design of textile processes.

CHT offer further possibilities to optimise finishing processes. Users can save water, time, energy and money with CHT products for process optimisation. Take the example of 4SUCCESS for the sustainable dyeing and bleaching of cotton and cotton/elastane blends. A considerable CO2 reduction is also possible - up to 70% under certain conditions. In addition to 4SUCCESS, many other tailor-made solutions are offered, such as TIME BOOST, LOW TEMPERATURE DYEING, SPEED PACKAGE and SHORT CUT for a wide range of processes, machine types and fibre types.

In the case of sustainable solutions for the dyeing process, CHT is a reliable partner, too: with BEZAKTIV GO they offer sustainable reactive dyes that achieve the highest quality and colour intensity. Dyeing processes with GO dyes result in significant savings of water, energy and salt. The four new ZERO GO elements are free from p-chloroaniline and unwanted arylamines.


For brilliant colour results, an optimal pre-treatment is also important, in order to give pre-treatment the power boost it needs and easily achieve the highest whiteness levels. CHT presents a new toolbox with three strong individualists: BEIXON DF, HEPTOL MC and CONTAVAN BA. Excellent as a solo fighter, the trio achieves the best result as a team. The patented CHT polymer technology not only improves the ease of removal by washing, but also repels static effects and possible backstaining. Through optimal cleaning, the user can obtain the best washing results with the lowest possible fibre damage, increase the process reliability and save peroxide in the bleaching process.

CHT also offer innovative and highly efficient solutions for your textile printing needs. The latest generation of CHT screen printing silicones, ALPAPRINT NG, are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastisol inks, PVC and free from critical softeners. With silicone printing pastes remarkable results can be achieved, even without harmful components. They convince with their easy handling, excellent running properties and high opacity with excellent fastness properties as well as excellent elasticity and durability. Therefore, the ALPAPRINT NG series is perfectly suited for outdoor- and sportswear.

In the field of fibre auxiliaries, CHT’s wide-ranging expertise, with countless products, opens up almost infinite application possibilities. For example for nonwovens such as diapers, wipes, filters, surgical gowns or geotextiles. CHT finishes and DURON spin finishes offer a solution for every application of nonwovens. Their modern auxiliaries provide process reliability and a broad spectrum of functionality. Soft and yet solid, hydrophilic, hydrophobic or antistatic – their competence brings out everything for you.

The comprehensive portfolio of the CHT Group will be available at ITMA from the 20th to the 26th June, 2019, in Barcelona, Hall 3, Stand C151.


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