Successful installation of SEIZE Air Compressor at COTTON WEB

Seize is a Sino-German joint venture established in Shanghai in 2009 and has research centers in Munich, Germany. Seize introduced Double Stage Technology with IE 4 Permanent Magnet Motor and Inverter in 2014. Seize technology has been tested for over five years and can save 20-40 % more energy than typical single-stage screw compressors.

 Seize and Shan Associates Team with Cotton Web Utility Team

Cotton web is one of leading denim manufacturers in Pakistan and has recently installed Double Stage Energy Saving 90 KW Air Compressor and found it to be more efficient in comparison with other compressors. Following is a report on a seminar at Cotton Web organised by Shan Associates that wasattended by a large number of industry professionals who learned first hand about the savings and benefits of using Seize Compressors.

Double Stage 90 KW Air Compressor at Cotton Web.

Project Overview:

Cotton Web has recently installed Seize Air compressors to achieve a goal of  20 m3/min air at a lower operation cost.  While the other brands provide 110 KW Compressors to accomplish 20m3/min, Seize’s 90 KW Air Compressor can provide 20.8 m3/min, saving 20 KW, by using Double Stage Air-End with IE 4 Permanent Magnet Motor and a double Inverter System.

GM Abdul Samad Gill addressing at Seize Seminar in Cotton Web.

HOD Engineering Abdul Jabbar addressing at Seize Seminar in Cotton Web.

CEO Rana Sohail Ahmed addressing at Seize Seminar in Cotton Web .

90 KW compressors’s Specific Compression Ratio (SCR) is 4.32 which is less than Single Stage Compressors. With 90 KW Compressor, Seize also has installed refrigerant dryer of 33 m3/min and CTA oil-free Line Filter.

Utility Head Mr. Tariq.

Seize Overseas Technical Manager explaining about Seize Technology to Director Cotton Web Mr. Wasim Akhtar Khan.

CEO of Shan Associates, Rana Sohail Ahmed felicitated Cotton Web on the installation of Seize Energy Saving Air Compressors in Pakistan that can save more than 25% energy after 600 hours of running. After extensive research and multiple visits to Shanghai Seize Factory, Shan Associates decided to introduce Seize’s energy saving technology in Pakistan. Shan Associates’ objective is to make compressed air cost effective, with the aim of reducing the overhead cost of the export industry and allowing Pakistan export market to grow.”

Chief Guest Mr. Nusrat Ali Chisti.

Energy Saving Briefing by Mr. Abdul Jabbar, Head of Department Engineering at Cotton Web:

Cotton Web Head of  Engineering, Mr. Abdul Jabbar, briefed the audience about energy saving based on the results seen. Mr. Abdul Jabbar explained how the cost of 1 m3/min unit decreased from 1.67/- PKR to 1.20/- PKR by shifting from 55 KW and 75 KW compressors to Seize-90 KW Compressor, providing up to 28% savings.

Mr. Abdul Samad Gill, General Manager, Cotton Web appreciated the energy saving benefits of Seize Compressor.

Main Energy Saving Points:

  • Double Stage (4 Screws Compression) - 15 % Energy Saving.
  • IE4 Permanent Magnet Motor- 5 % Energy Saving.
  • 2 Inverter Control System - 7 % Energy Saving.
  • 52 degree designed Air Cooling System- 1 to 2 % Energy Saving.

Seize Air Compressors Range:

Main Motor Power: 7.5 KW to 330 KW.

Air Flow Capacity Range: 0.20 – 71 m3/min.

Pressure Range: 2 Bar – 16 Bar

Shan Associates are the sole agents of Seize Air Compressors in Pakistan. Shan Associates have been active in Pakistan's textile industry since 2008 and represent some of the world’s best known techlogies such as IRO-ROJ, Groz BECKERT, SUNTECH, Skylights, Solar Systems, Sunrise Hanger System, RFID Inventory Management System, Automated Guided Vehicles, ERG Chemicals, and Turkish Washing Consumables.


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