85% of the exports to the Netherlands are apparel products

Very good trade relations prevail between Bangladesh and the Netherlands. The trade relations between the two countries range from agricultural products and services to industrial products and services. However, almost 85% of the exports to the Netherlands are apparel products. According to recent data, total apparel export from Bangladesh to the Netherlands was US$ 986.93 million in 2018. The Netherlands has been supporting Bangladesh through providing financial and technical aid to water resources and coastal management projects in Bangladesh. It is also assisting Bangladesh in enhancing its business enabling environment.

Dutch brands under the textile covenant do business with 238 producers in Bangladesh. Almost all brands have participated in the Bangladesh Accord. In terms of size, the Dutch sector plays no major role with 1% of the world market, but in terms of sustainability, the sector plays a pioneering role internationally. This is reinforced by the close cooperation with the German textile partnership.


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