ITMA 2019, Barcelona

SMART-INDIGO® technology for denim by Sedo Engineering

As experienced specialists in the dyeing industry, SEDO Engineering guarantee Swiss quality standards and highest reliability.


Smart-Indigo™ stands for an industrially proven technology, which will make a difference by bringing a revolutionary change to the global denim dyeing industry. Combining benefits for the environment, the people and the producers of denim items.

This revolutionary leuco-indigo process opens up a whole new range of opportunities.

  • Electricity instead of chemicals.
  • High sustainability.
  • More ecological and economical.
  • Reduced health hazards.
  • Better colour consistency and performance.
  • Savings in wastewater treatment and energy.
  • Easy to handle and more efficient.

Smart leuco-indigo procution on-site

“Smart Leuco-Indigo” is produced by electrochemical process consuming considerably fewer resources than existing methods. Using only indigo pigment, caustic soda, water and electricity. In a fully automated process, the clean Leuco-Indigo is produced, metered and fed directly to the dye bath. The Smart-Indigo™ solution is the most sustainable way to dye denim.


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