Pentek offers fabric finishing excellence to the Pakistani market


EnAIRgy is the energy of air applied to specialty finishing, in order to gain substantial quality on the goods, adding softness, bulkiness, stability and visual changes in a repeatable way, with no abrasions, crease marks or lack of uniformity. It is particularly suitable in the last steps of finishing process, right before inspection and packing.

The best performance of this machine is guaranteed by processing damp fabrics and by combining moisture, temperature and mechanical action. It creates a wide range of effects like pile pop up, bulkiness, 3D effect, worn out look, stability, mill wash effects, etc.

EnAIRgy is also the most flexible tumbler on the market. Pentek is represented in Pakistan by Texsol Pvt. Ltd.

Relax and crash mode: Besides the alternate motion of the goods, fabric can be kept floating in the shooting tunnel between a crash and the next for a pre-set number of seconds. Whenever necessary, it is then possible to seperate the mechanical action from the drying power, switching the use of the machine from tumbler to pure dryer and all intermediate ways between the two modes.

Adjustable working width: EnAIRgy is the only tumbler in the world to operate in both open width and rope form. The unique feature of modifying the working width enables a huge range of effects, both for shrinkage and visual, by a side compression. The ECOWIND will drive the air only where the fabric lies, thus avoiding head loss and lack of efficiency of the air flows.

Twin Blow: The air injection can be produced by two seperate blowers (both inverter driven) in order to adjust independently the air amount and the air pressure, eliminating any friction and easing a sweet drying action, through a lower air cushion or higher crashing power against the grids.

Wanny Sprint: Continuous and modular rope form washing range

Wanny was born as a modular washing unit to rinse and neutralize fabrics after DreamAIR chemical processes. It is a continuous softflow machine  which uses the same principles of DreamAIR modular vats with the characteristic back and forth motion through 8 nozzles (4 along the stream and 4 against it).

Due to the alternated motion of the accumulated goods into the vats, fabric remains dipped in the water and takes advantage of the washing power of the nozzles from 50 to 60 times in 20 minutes (as compared with one hour in a regular discontinuous soft flow).

Wanny Sprint: Continuous and modular rope form washing range.

The hydraulic system is just as a continuous washing range with water flowing against the stream, with independent water temperature controls in each kier, chemical dosing and possible vats separation to enable different chemical applications in the same cycle.

The versatility, low consumption of water and power as well as its continuous mode, make Wanny a really valid alternative for preparation for dyeing (pre-bleach and/or antipilling) or preparation for printing.

It is available in modules of 2, 4, 6 or more vats.


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