Color Service Automatic Dosing Systems

Color Service was founded in 1987 and according to this Italian manufacturer, they were the first company in the world to introduce the first automatic dosing system for powder dyestuff in the market.

Over the years the range of Color Service automatic dosing systems became larger, up to the production of dosing systems for liquid auxiliaries, powder dyes (in production and laboratory), powder chemicals for dyeing and printing houses.

The weighing unit for powder dyes mod. TRS automatically weighs any type of dyestuff in powder or in granule form, guaranteeing the accuracy of the dosing, reproducibility of the recipes and the maximum hygiene in the working environment. The system allows a remarkable accuracy within small weighings and the accuracy is guaranteed by the use of Mettler’s high accuracy weighing instruments. The full automation for the dosing of the dyes is achieved combining the dosing unit mod.

The main innovation of Color Service is the introduction of an automatic dosing/dissolving system for powder chemicals, such as salt, sulphate and soda.

Color Service is the only supplier in the world to offer an automatic dosing system for liquid chemicals highly fast and accurate. The speed of volumetric measurement is combined with the precision of gravimetric dosing.

The customer has the possibility of establishing a maximum dosing quantity for each product using a gravimetric system involving a keg located on loading cells for optimum accuracy. Above this threshold (e.g. over 300 gr.), the system automatically deviates the products through the volumetric system to optimise speed.

Color Service also was the first company to introduce the multi-line delivery of dyes, liquids, chemicals. This creation through a double distribution arm provides the great advantage of dual feeds: two different destinations can be supplied at the same time.

In conclusion, the main advantages of our technology are the accuracy of weighing and the labour along with time, energy and chemical savings. With our automatic dosing systems, various human mistakes during the chemical preparation are deleted and all activities of the dispensing are reported allowing to get easily a cost analysis of the material.

In a few years, Color Service became the world leader, attaining an important position in the textile machinery field with products “Made in Italy”, creating a name recognized worldwide that is synonymous with cutting-edge systems and high technology. Choosing a Color Service plant implies a solid backing and support of an industry leader with 25 years of proven experience. Thanks to an excellent worldwide sales and support network, the company exports to almost every country in the world.


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