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Grand launching of DENISOL® PURE INDIGO 30 liquid by Archroma
for the denim community

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, commenced production of Aniline-Free Indigo – Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 liq. at its Jamshoro plant. Later in the evening, highlights and salient features of Aniline-free indigo were rolled-out to the Denim community at PAF Museum Convention Center on February 20th, 2019. The event was attended by more than 1,000 guests including some of the leaders in denim industry.

The event started with the welcome Memento to the Chief Guest, His Excellency Thomas Kolly, Ambassador of Switzerland and Mr. Michel Zumstein, President, Commercial Region – Asia, Archroma. 

Mr. Mujtaba Rahim in his opening speech said, “What a wonderful evening started with shining stars of denim community. Our Ambassador, His Excellency Thomas Kolly, a true strong supporter of Pakistan, Entrepreneurs, owners of the industry who are keeping the flag of Pakistan high in the denim world, it is a pleasure and honor for us, a very warm welcome to all. It is something really great not only for Arcrhoma but denim community, your presence really means a lot to us.”

He added, “I would also like to thank, Managers and Technicians - the backbone of the industry, representatives of brands and retailers, delegation of WWF, members of press, directors of Swiss Business Council, Mr. Michel Zumstein, President, Commercial Region – Asia, Paul Cowel and my colleagues and above all the heroes of this evening – the project team.”

He further expressed, “Your presence confirms that you care about the sustainability of the denim industry. Today is such an historic day; we have formally inaugurated the world’s first and unique production facility to manufacture cleanest and the purest indigo to produce Aniline Free Denim. It is indeed a source of pride not only for Archroma but also for Pakistan; I am so sure that you all must be proud of this game-changing innovation which will provide denim industry the great leap forward.”

He emphasized, “I take this opportunity to pay gratitude to all of our customers in showing trust and confidence by supporting local manufacturing of liquid indigo and taking full advantage of Swiss investment in Pakistan. I am sure you must be very happy and highly satisfied with your decision of partnering with Archroma because when in recent month the world has seen severe shortages in supply of indigo and the situation for the denim manufacturers was high desperate. Archroma came to the rescue of the industry by maintaining uninterrupted supply from Jamshoro to ensure the lifeline of the industry. It is in such a difficult time and testing time I must say one can easily gauge the depth of the trust and partnership, it is so gratifying for us. Without the support and encouragement of our partners, we would have not expanded and doubled our production capacity in Jamshoro.”

Mr. Michel Zumstein, President, Commercial Region – Asia, Archroma said, “As you may know Archroma is only five years old. Five years ago we started this venture based on the heritage from companies like Clariant, Hoechst, Sandoz, and BASF. More than twenty-five years ago in 1992, a group of scientists issued the first world scientist warning to humanity. Now, twenty-five years later most people around the world started realizing the seriousness of this threat. The fashion industry in which we all work is acknowledged as the second most polluting industry in the world. With this context of environmental threats on air and water, one of the ambitions of Archroma which drives us foremost is to continuously challenge we believe that we can make our industry sustainable. This is what we are doing with your help step by step. In 2013, we started the first Zero Discharge Facility at Jamshoro. In November 2014, we launched our Earthcolors® collections, it is a coloring system which is based on non-edible agricultural or herbal industries waste such as leaves or nutshells. In 2015, we launched Smartrepel, the fluorine-free water protection solution. In the same year, our ONEWAY Sustainability calculator was selected by Bluesign as the engine behind its new bluexpert tool. In 2015, Patagonia became the first brand using Archroma Advanced Denim Technology, an innovative dye process that colors it with sulfur dyestuffs that bond more easily. These results in much shorter production lines that use 84% less water, 30% less energy and emit 25% less CO2 compared to conventional denim dyeing processes. In 2018-19, we broke new grounds with our Aniline Free Indigo showing our commitment to keep the industry sustainable.”

Mr. Paul Cowell, Head of Brand Marketing, Archroma explained the technical aspects of Aniline Free Denim in detail. He said, “Archroma’s Denisol® Pure Indigo 30 liquid dye was first launched in May 2018 as a non-toxic way to produce the traditional, iconic indigo blue that consumers associate with denim and jeans. Denim is the ace textile export specialty of Pakistan. Indigo, the blue dye for Denim is produced using Aniline. Scientific testing has shown that two-thirds of aniline waste ends up as wastewater discharge on an annual basis.”

He added, “Scientific testing has shown that aniline impurities are toxic to humans and can cause skin allergies, damage to major organs and genetic defects, as well as being linked to cancer. Aniline is also toxic to aquatic life, which is an issue as two-thirds of the 400 metric tons of aniline waste on an annual basis ends up in the environment as wastewater discharge.”

He further explained, “During production, some of the Aniline stays locked into the indigo pigment and is difficult to wash off the fabric. The remainder of the aniline impurity, approximately 300 metric tons annually, is discharged during dyeing. This can be an issue as aniline is toxic to aquatic life. In addition, exposure levels to factory workers can be high. As a result of its toxicity (more hazardous than alkylphenols), it is now starting to feature on the restricted substance lists (RSL) of some major clothing brands and retailers. Archroma worked with R&D experts to formulate the aniline-free alternative called Denisol Pure Indigo 30 dye.”

Answering to a very important question from the guest regarding cost difference between conventional indigo and Denisol Pure Indigo 30, he said, “The analyzed cost difference is very minimal between 2 to 5 cents per meter and in some cases, it is cheaper. Whereas, the usage of Denisol Pure Indigo 30 will definitely boost the export of the company due to an overwhelmingly positive response at the International level. Compared with conventional indigo dyeing, an optimized process with Denisol Indigo 30 can offer up to 60 percent less sodium hydrosulfite and up to 50 percent less sodium hydroxide.”

According to Ms. Shahana Kaubab, Communications and Human Resource, Archroma Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. “On this occasion, I would like to inform you that this morning Archroma took a revolutionary step forward towards sustainability once gain. Our state-of-the-art production facility of PURE INDIGO 30 liquid was inaugurated to produce DENISOL® PURE INDIGO 30 liquid for Aniline Free Denim. Our new specialty has open doors for denim brands globally and locally.”

Archroma presented appreciation mementos to its valued customers on their successful partnership in denim specialities. Mr. Michel Zumstein, President, Commercial Region – Asia, Archroma along with His Excellency Thomas Kolly, Ambassador of Switzerland presented certificates to their valued customers namely, Artistic Milliners, Classic Denim Mills, Crescent Bahuman, Denim International, Diamond Fabrics Limited by Sapphire, Indigo Textile, Kassim Textile, Mekotex, Rajwani Denim, Rantex Denim, Al Ameen Denim, Neela Denim, Siddiqsons Ltd., SM Denim, Soorty Denim, UGM Denim, US Denim, ZK Industries and Master Textiles.


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