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“Archroma has given denim industry a new life, the denim is reborn,”
says Mujtaba Rahim.

“Archroma has given denim industry a new life, thedenim is reborn,” says Mujtaba Rahim.

“The Aniline coming from Indigo is not safe for the people wearing; it is also very harmful to the workers handling the production, stitching the garments, effluent discharge into waterways, rivers, seas etc. In short, Aniline is highly dangerous to the entire supply chain of the denim industry. I have a serious concern for the denim industry which is also very close to my heart. We started innovation process on the very fast track thanks to the project team within spam of two years from the dream of Aniline free indigo and start of R&D activities to the first production at our Jamshoro plant is a great historic achievement.”

“Our plant in Jamshoro carries to unique distinctions, one it is the only plant of dyes and chemicals world which is based on Zero Liquid Discharge which means not a single drop of water is waster or thrown outside the factory. The second great distinction we recently achieved is the production of pure liquid indigo. The denim industry is thriving and prospering in Pakistan and around the world with the introduction of DENISOL Indigo Pure.”

“We had tremendous success with our liquid indigo not only in Pakistan but also countries such as Peru, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and China. It is a long list of success stories behind the export of Denisol Indigo 30 from Pakistan. Our liquid indigo is the single biggest export product from Pakistan. The reason Archroma made a huge investment in this breakthrough innovation because we were determined to make our denim industry sustainable, thrive and prosper in times to come.”


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