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How a small company is making a big difference in the profits of large companies

The small knowledge-based companies in Pakistan are leading in agility and innovation. They tend to see opportunities, in the services sector that are missed by large companies. AirAudit (Pvt.) Ltd. is one such enterprise, with presence in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad.

 This relatively new Pakistani company has discerned that huge losses are being incurred by large scale manufacturing companies in their compressed air systems. AirAudit brings to attention such waste of energy and operational losses to its customers. Over the last 4 years, this company has been able to highlight the huge potential of energy conservation, in the compressed systems of its customers.

 The rising energy costs are the prime challenge of the Pakistani industry. Most of the industrial sectors in Pakistan are energy intensive and are vulnerable to high rates of energy, losses across various production processes, resulting in higher energy bills, loss of competitiveness, which has severely affected the export performance of Pakistan’s manufacturing sector.

The biggest opportunity for the Large Scale Industrial Manufacturing industry is to create shared values: People, Planet, Profits. They are better able to meet their CSR, Compliance and Sustainability Goals through energy efficiency.

Energy costs dominate compressed air systems costs over 10 Years
AirAudit can help do a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis which uncovers
the entire of the lifetime costs associated with owing an asset.

In this context, the AirAudit helped major industrial group in Carbon Credits, CSR and reducing cost of Compressed Air production, by advising on compressed air transmission according to ISO8573-1 standards and thereby, minimizing leaks and inappropriate uses of this costly utility.

For example, a textile unit in Karachi reported a savings of 216 MegaWatt electricity and reduced 155 tons of Carbon emissions.

Similarly, AirAudit helped a Tobacco company it save 275 MW of energy costs and helped them to reduce 200 Tons of Carbon emissions. An International carbonated drinks brand achieved great savings by reducing 231 Tons of Carbon Emission and saved 320 MW of electricity.A packaged food company reduced electric consumption of 325MW annually and reduced carbon emission of 140 Tons and there are many examples in Pakistan which gained competitiveness in Export Market and CSR through compressed Air Audit.

The energy cost can often be the most important expense to evaluate in this context. Going Green to save 1 KW for every 100 cfm of air utilized can add up as big savings. The equipment purchase price and service cost represent only a small portion of the overall cost of owning and operating a compressed air system. Over a 10 year period, the energy required to operate the compressor is more than 75% of the annual cost of compressed air. A compressed air audit is a must in these circumstances.

The energy conservation programs and initiatives are of great value in the face of this never-ending energy crisis, which is challenging economies for a long time. The reduced compressed air utilization has a direct effect on energy utilization and subsequently on the cost of the units produced and also long term profitability. On the exports front, compliance is getting stringent day by day. Carbon emissions and energy conservation programs will soon become mandatory.

Benefits of AirAudit

  • Identify leaks and weaknesses in the compressed air system of any manufacturing company.
  • Gives the plan to repair leaks and remove inefficiencies.
  • Connects customers to a leaks specialist company.
  • Advises on Heat Recovery from Compressors.
  • Carries out a post-repair audit.
  • Keeps energy costs in check by periodical audits of the system.

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