IGATEX Pakistan 2019

Nazer & Co exhibited Nazmatic inspection machine

Nazmatic Inspection Machine is designed for the inspection of a wide range of woven fabrics that range from lightly woven to heavy denim fabrics.

The Nazmatic is a truly versatile machine, based on a modular system, which is suitable for making rolls with aligned selvedges on paper tubes, PVC pipes or wooden rolls from rolls, open fabric trolleys or A-frame/batcher trolleys. The movable head which ensures a good quality alignment of the selvedge, is controlled by photocells.

Mr. Abrar Mooraj of Nazer & Co.

The machine is also equipped with three motors, all synchronized with individual frequency invertor. The fabric tension is controlled simultaneously by mechanical and electronic means, which allows the machine to run fabric with Lycra. The electrical panel includes a PLC control system. The main operating panel contains all the controls pertaining to the operation of the machine as well as an HMI display.


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