IGATEX Pakistan 2019

 IGATEX Pakistan 2019 brought the best of textile and garment technology to Pakistan
Interview of Mr. Saleem Khan Tanoli, CEO, FAKT Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

What were your expectations from  the show? We have seen a full product show starting from spinning to the finished garments at IGATEX Pakistan 2019, what is in your opinion the trend in the textile industry of Pakistan?

The expectations were very high as always and we received more than 20,000 trade visitors to meet with representatives of more than 500 textile technology suppliers, offering state of the art equipment and solutions  at Karachi Expo Centre from 26 – 28 February 2019.   . It is also good to see that serious customers are coming here right from the first day. Exhibitors were happy and all over things were very good.

Mr. Saleem Khan Tanoli, CEO, FAKT Exhibition Pvt. Ltd.

We always want to bring the companies that are a solution providers and innovators to set the benchmark for this industry. Since IGATEX is the pioneer and we have the edge on many other things, we have a large number of customers and visitors as well, and in the next editions, we will try to bring more people in Pakistan as the things are getting better and everyone expects that a couple of years are very good for the textile industry.

IGATEX Pakistan has now developed into one of the largest and well-established garments and textile machinery exhibitions in South Asia.

You have an exhibition in Punjab area and in Karachi And you rotate it according to the needs of your exhibitors. So what is your unique strength of IGATEX?

 As far as the IGATEX is concerned, in my opinion we have three great strengths, a full-service company which covers spinning weaving all the way to the finished garments and the second strength is we rotate it to the two parts of the country to create a gap between two shows to enable quality exhibitors to come in the show.

Last, but not the least, the team  behind every exhibition. Our organization is far better than many in Pakistan, we have received large number of comments from the many customers even Mr. Ikhtiar Baig also told us that they have visited a number of exhibitions in Pakistan and there is no match of those with the IGATEX. So these are the things that make us ahead among other organizations.

FAKT also hosts a number of other exhibitions like DPS World 2019 on value-added textiles sometime in October would you like to talk about that?

Yes, we are also doing the digital printing exhibition called the DPS World this is the offshoot of IGATEX since the digital printing industry is growing in Pakistan so we thought that this is the time to do an exhibition on this sector. So we have all the principals in this sector that participated in our exhibitions so the exhibition also growing. It means we are also proving opportunities for the local industry to build a new industry. There is also a big need in Pakistan of digital printing. If you are not focusing on export you just focus on the local market there are all the big companies like Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Afroze, Al Karam and Saphire they are all working on digital printing.

The DPS is not only for the textile sector it is for the other sectors like ceramic plastic and food sector. It is the value-added service for other areas in the value chain. DPS means digital printing and signage and signage is for fabrics and for other things also.

So these two exhibitions are complementary exhibitions and DPS has further penetration into sign graphics media marketing promotions and one of the sectors is textile and these exhibitions are enhancing the businesses in Pakistan. Both exhibitions are complementing each other’s and we are quite happy with it and our customers are also very happy. We are always bring new technologies new ideas to the industry.


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