IGATEX Pakistan 2019

 Erhardt+Leimer highlighted ELSTRAIGHT: Latest weft straightening technology

As a specialist in system solutions and automation technology for moving webs and belts, Erhardt+Leimer ranks worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of control devices for different industries.

Mr. Sohail Shekhani of Intertex Corporation.

ELSTRAIGHT is the  detection technology using CCD matrix cameras to detect any kind of weft-distortions in textile webs.  As a result of this development several unique features such as simultaneous pick / course counter are available with this new detection  technology. It is now possible to upgrade existing weft straightening system with ELSTRAIGHT technology.

E+L not only  offers the latest weft straightening system on the market, but a possibility to upgrade weft straightening systems currently in use. Interfaces for most common brands have been realized and available for implementation. A compact camera bridge together with the evaluation soft- and hardware is all that will be added to customer’s existing installation base.


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