IGATEX Pakistan 2019

 Demsan had successfully installed latest model of Precision Palletizing
Machine at Rizwan Enterprises

According to Mr. Tuncay DEMIRCI, “We are delighted to announce the recent installation of one more precision palletizing machine with some new features to Rizwan Enterprises, Karachi. This machine can make single and double folding precision palletizing of woven fabric in one meter yard. The fabric palletizing height was two meter. It has adjustable speed control between 0 to 40 m/minute. With the new servo motor system more precise palletizing is possible.”

Mr. Tuncay DEMiRCi, Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager,
DEMSAN with Mr. Farooq Zakaria of Zakaria Trading International.

According to Mr. Farooq Zakaria of Zakaria Trading International, “Demsan has sold many palletizing machines in Pakistan. Customers are very much satisfied with the performance, technology and after sales service from Demsan. We are regularly receiving inquiries for the latest palletizing machine.  Beside of palletizing machines, we offer inspection and rolling, plaiting, double folding, twice double folding, batching, wet rope opening, fabric spreading and packing machines.”


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