IGATEX Pakistan 2019

 Benninger AG presented Swiss engineered sustainable and long lasting quality solutions

Benninger highlighted TRIKOFLEX drum washing compartment and a Küsters DyePad - two key components of its customized processing solutions.

The main technology driver for Benninger was to come up with smart solutions to save limited resources such as water and energy as sustainability is becoming a more and more important cost factor for the textile industry in future.

Benninger has developed and implemented a continuous open width finishing process that – in addition to quality benefits – also offer savings, particularly in terms of water and energy. This process makes it possible to lower CO2 emissions by nearly two thirds in comparison to exhaust dyeing processes. As a matter of fact, each liter of water that we are able to save in our processes, is one liter less waste water to be treated, and one liter of water that does not consume energy to heat up the washing water.

Benninger’s TRIKOFLEX washing plants and the Benninger Küsters DyePad perfectly suit this type of application.

In addition to sustainable production in terms of water and energy, sustainability for Benninger, also means long lasting quality not only of our production ranges but also of the end product of our customers.


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