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 BRÜCKNER Power Frame & Power Frame Eco Stenter

The stenter is the heart of textile finishing. It develops more and more into a multi-purpose line for the production of woven, knits technical textiles. Several thousands of BRÜCKNER stenters are in use all around the globe. Every day they are stentering, drying, heat-setting, functionalizing and coating uncountable meters of the most different fabric types.

Ms. Regina Brückner.

BRÜCKNER stenters stand for the highest quality and performance and are producing sustainably and energy-efficiently. It has the highest drying performance and process control matching any type of fabric due to the technically mature and patented split-flow air circulation system.

It has homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution due to alternately arranged thermo zones (every 1.5m) with low specific energy consumption.

Extremely robust chains, chain rails, pin bar carriers and clips, need minimum  maintenance for exactly reproducible finishing results due to complete automation and recipe administration in the line.

Following types of heating is possible: Gas direct, gas indirect, thermal oil, steam, electricity and combinations thereof.

The working widths up to 7m are possible, depending on the types of applications.

It has optimum straightening results due to an integrated straightener with shortest possible fabric path to the pinning-on point, available as an option.

The POWER-FRAME ECO stenter is an advancement of the Brückner stenter and is designed for all types of fabrics allowing the through-flow of air. Using the exhaust air heat and two additionally integrated heat-recovery units, the fabric is intensively pre-heated and pre-dried when entering the dryer. This is made without consuming additional energy. This means for the customer a higher productivity with reduced energy consumption.

Minimum energy consumption is possible due to integrated heat-recovery, air-through zone as well as fresh air and exhaust air management.

The high accuracy in the temperature distribution is due to the patented split-flow air circulation system as well as exact temperature control in each half-zone.

The height of the dryer is suitable for easy maintenance and dryer chambers are accessible with extremely low-tension fabric transport in case of operation with transport belt. The shortest possible fabric paths in the entry area of the lines are possible minimizing fabric distortion and elongation.

Mr. Michael Kristoffersen of Brueckner.

BRÜCKNER: Continuous dyeing ranges and infrared dryers

In the field of continuous dyeing processes BRÜCKNER developed in the last years innovative machinery concepts for high-quatity fabric. The aim was a homogeneous and reproducible dyeing result independently of the article. Textiles for shirting and bottom wear, workwear cloth and home textiles are dyed on our lines with different continuous processes.

The symmetrical structure of our air circulation sections prevents double-face appearance. In addition the installed power has been adapted to the low air flows which are required for dye drying and this leads to a clearly reduced energy consumption.


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