Swiss companies have contributed to the success of Pakistan’s
textile industry for the last six decades

While Switzerland is well known worldwide for its precision watches, cheeses and financial services. Swiss are equally strong suppliers of textile technology, testing equipments, chemicals and service sectors. Pakistan’s textile industry owes a great deal to the Swiss textile technology in its formative years more than six decades ago. Since then the partnership continues.  Spinning industry in particular has benefitted from known companies such as Rieter with its strong base in Pakistan and SSM, which used to be three separate companies sixty years ago, Schaerer, Shweiter and Mettler with all of them present in Pakistan starting from the 1950s. Other names in the spinning sector are Uster and Loepfe that continue to provide the industry with cutting edge solutions to maintain high quality of yarn produced.

In the weaving sector Staubli is the world leader in Jacquard technology and Jakob Mueller is the undisputed leader in the narrow fabric technology.

Pakistan is the 10th most important market for Swiss textile machinery manufacturers. In the last 6 years Swiss textile machinery exports to Pakistan increased by 58% from 15.3 in 2013 to 24.2 Million euros in 2018. Exports to Pakistan declined by 31% from 2017 due to the massive devaluation of Pakistan Rupee in 2018.

In the finishing sector, Benninger has provided the state of the art finishing solutions for Pakistan’s textile industry for the last 60 years.  Also well known in this sector is the Santex Rimar Group whose companies Santex and Cavitec are well established for their finishing and coating technologies. 

The textile division of Swissmem represents the entire spectrum of the textile machinery industry of Switzerland. It is also the oldest sub-division within Swissmem which celebrated 75 years in 2015. The upcoming ITMA 2019 is the largest textile machinery exhibition to be held from 20th to 26th of June.  Swiss textile machinery manufacturers will have innovative technological solutions for the entire textile industry on display at the show.  PTJ will highlight the Swiss technology at ITMA 2019 in the upcoming issues devoted to this magnificent show of technology.

In the chemical business, Archroma is a fine example of Swiss commitment to the textile industry of Pakistan. A world leader in its field of activity, Archroma continues to develop new products and solutions for the global textile industry with a major contribution from Archroma Pakistan under the leadership of Mr. Mujtaba Rahim.  Archroma is a Swiss company with strong roots in Pakistan since early 1950s.  Major developments in the chemical and dyes business are pioneered by Archroma Pakistan such as Zero Discharge and recently Aniline Free Indigo. Our readers can read a special report on the launching ceremony of Aniline Free Indigo Archroma in this issue devoted to Switzerland.

SGS Pakistan is another example of Swiss excellence helping our industry meet international quality standards by providing a number of vital testing and certification services.

To highlight the presence of Swiss companies in Pakistan over the years, once again we have reproduced advertisements of the leading textile machinery brands from Switzerland that are still going strong in  Pakistan. These Swiss companies laid down the foundation of a strong textile industry in Pakistan and remain close partners that continue to help it achieve new heights and even greater success in the future.


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