Domotex Hannover 2019


The TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS brand has been formed by the assets of the long-established companies Bastian, Erko, and Fleissner. The brand name of TRÜTZSCHLER MAN-MADE FIBERS comprises complete state-of-the-art spinning plants for carpet and industrial filament yarns. Nonwoven producers worldwide find knowledge and competence in all matters relating to fiber opening and blending, web forming and bonding as well as finishing and winding.

Broad range of BCF yarns

The BCF plants of Trützschler Man-Made Fibers produce a broad range of different BCF yarns. The symTTex systems encompass a large titer range, that stretches from 500 to 6000 dtex. They cover all application areas: carpets for moderate domestic use like in bedrooms as well as contract carpets for heavy commercial use like in restaurants. One of the possibilities are high count yarns, that are used in velvet-like carpets. They consist of hundreds of single filaments. An eco-friendly and sustainable technology allows the recycling of PET bottles to quality yarn made of R-PET.

A further development of the conventional tri-colour process is the smartFLEX technology. It creates sprinkle effects, that cause a stronger colour separation in the carpet than classical mélange effects. Regarding heavy use spun-dyed BCF yarns are an appropriate option. However raw white yarns have the benefit of a large colour palette. Applications can be found in the residential and the automotive realm.

symTTex - BCF spinning plants

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers offers versatile solutions concerning the whole process of BCF yarn spinning. Additional to the primary machinery with process-related components auxiliary systems are delivered by request. For freestanding plants, that are not integrated in a building, a steel frame can be delivered.

Optionally the symTTex systems are available with two, three or four ends per spinning position. The 2-end M20 and T20 are used for little batches with frequent colour changes. The M20 produces mono-colour yarns whereas the T20 is applied for tri-colour yarns.

The M40 is the right choice for large-scale plants, that aim at standard qualities and minimal conversion costs. With its two 2-end winders per spinning position it offers a 4-end solution.

An option between the M20 and the M40 is the M30. It is compact like the M20, but due to its 3-end winder its productivity is higher. Since the M30 has only one winder the usage is easier than it is with the M40.


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