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Jingwei JWF 1313 Drawframe sold to AL-NASR Textile Mills Ltd.

Jingwei JWF 1313 Drawframe sold to AL-NASR Textile Mills Ltd. The JWF1313 is the new generation smart draw frame without autoleveller. It consists of innovative driving form, electronic drafting, output diameter of 1000 mm, intelligent breaking device and roller monitoring, suction. These features enable the customer to reduce cost by 30% to 50% compared with the traditional draw frames.

According to Mr. Tahir of Tahir & Sons, “We have recently sold Jingwei JWF 1313 Draw Frame to Al-Nasr. They are satisfied with the performance of this innovative Chinese technology.  This machine has many features, the roller monitoring system in this machine can accurately analyze the drive failure in the draft zone and the actual draft multiple outputs. It reduces maintenance difficulty and laboratory workload. It is equipped with high precision roller speed monitoring.  An operator can easily reach main transmission parts which also reduces maintenance difficulty. “

Mr. WU Xiu Hua, Vice President, CTMTC along with Mr. Cui Gengxian, General Manager and Ms. Yichun Wang, Import and Export Office Director of Shenyang Hongda Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. were present at IGATEX Pakistan 2019 exhibition in Karachi and were delighted to see a large number of spinners during a three day show in Karachi.


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