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Crosrol MK 8 Carding Machine on display IGATEX Pakistan 2019

The company Crosrol (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been at the forefront to provide real technical and commercial benefits to the textile industry. With the unique and innovative carding philosophy, Crosrol is able to provide the lowest operating cost per kilogram of Sliver per kilowatt hour of any carding machine on the market today.

With the introduction of the MK8 carding machine, key carding elements have undergone extensive re-engineering in order to cope with the extreme forces associated with the greater working width, the new 1.25M width cylinder is a perfect balance between the needs of high production whilst retaining carding stability. With the innovative design of Crosrol MK8 card, ultimate carding power is further enhanced.

This unique flexible concept ensures that the MK8 card operates using optimum settings for a given material, while delivering ultimate quality with maximum fiber yield time after time.

The Crosrol Carding machine MK8 has a production rate of up to 180 kg per hour and with a delivery speed of 400 meters per minute.

Crosrol is represented in Pakistan by Akhtar & Sons. They are well known in Pakistan as a major industrial machine and project supplier for textile spinning plants, polyester fiber plants, textile fabric dyeing plants, power plants and many other industrial machines. Akhtar & Sons is working with Chinese companies since 1983 and have strong business relations with China. The company reports a record number of installations from China and have supplied more than 70% of Chinese Ring Spinning frames in Pakistan starting from 1986.

According to Mr. Kolachi, “I would like to thank Anoud Group of Industries for their continuous trust in Crosrol and purchasing new MK8 Carding Machine.”


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