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The Power of One
A guide to the benefits of switching to a single source supplier for
your industrial air needs.

Supply & Demand

How many suppliers do you think you depend on to help run your business?

The time and costs required to process an order can vary widely, depending on factors such as the industry, complexity of the order and how streamlined a company’s structure is. Yet, with all this in mind, there is no escaping the simple rule.

More suppliers = more cost, more time and more admin

Put simply, the greater the number of suppliers that you rely on to successfully runs your business, the more time-consuming, expensive and admin-intense this undertaking becomes. The power of collaborating successfully with a single supplier should not be underestimated.

A report by McKinsey & Company1 discovered that companies with advanced collaboration capabilities tend to outperform their peers, leading to increased growth. Furthermore, working with a single source supplier can help reduce costs, add further value beyond simply financial improvements, and even help foster further innovation and growth.

Although there are some exceptions, buyers can usually choose from a range of suppliers for any one item. This is certainly the case for the compressed air and vacuum market. What, then, are the key reasons that might persuade an organization to opt for a single source of supply for its industrial air needs?

The Power of One

The benefits of working with a single source supplier for all your industrial air needs can be broken down into five key areas.

Strengthened Relationships: Building strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with a supplier will always help improve operational and cost efficiencies. But by dealing with just one supplier for your industrial air equipment, your organization’s specific details can be understood in incredible detail. This knowledge of your organization’s processes can help a supplier offer a much greater level of expertise.

Better Terms through Volume: The greater the number of air technologies provided by a single supplier, the more opportunities there are to leverage a better agreement. This can make commercial sense, allowing you to negotiate terms that meet your unique needs and requirements.

Lower Admin Costs: Businesses can make valuable savings by reducing time spent on administration. Switching to a single supplier means only processing one invoice, agreeing only one service contract, and dealing with only one customer care team.

These steps help streamline your operations, cut costs and save time, letting you concentrate on the more important jobs that make a real difference to your bottom line.

Reduced Inventory: Partnering with a single supplier can lead to significantly reduced lead times. By working with one partner across all your air technologies, common spare parts and servicing needs can be analyzed to help improve efficiencies. This reduces the risk of downtime, ensuring you can meet your business targets without fail.

Easier Servicing: Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to ensuring equipment continues to operate reliably. When working with a single supplier, with just one servicing contract in place for all equipment on site, maintenance checks can be undertaken in one go. This ensures servicing and maintenance can be carried out in a timely and efficient manner, at a time and date to suit you. Rastgar Air Compressors, Single Source for All your Industrial Air Requirements for more information

Building strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with a supplier will always help improve operational and cost efficiencies.

An effective compressed air system requires much more than the compressor alone. Each component part has an important role to play. Here’s how we bring it all together in a solution that delivers best-in-class efficiency.


With world-renowned brands available, including CompAir, Hydrovane, Elmo Rietschle, Robuschi, Bellis & Morcom and Reavell, Rastgar & Co is able to help you with all your industrial air needs. This includes compressed air, vacuum, high-pressure and low-pressure solutions, so – no matter what your requirement – Rastgar & Co has the right technology for you.

Collaborating with a single source supplier can help reduce costs, streamline administrative processes and improve operational efficiencies, and even help drive innovation and growth.


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