Heimtextil 2019

COVEROSS® multifunctional technology from HAP Co.Ltd, Japan

COVEROSS® is a multifunctional Japanese technology, that can apply multiple benefits and functions into a single fabric or garment.

The COVEROSS® technology aims to develop sustainable fabrics, that are environmentally friendly, multifunctional and custom designed for discerning customers.

Some of the benefits of COVEROSS® include sweat stain prevention, cool touch, thermal barrier, antifungal, insect repellent and quick absorption.

According to information provided by Cotton USATM, the new technology COVEROSS® WIZZARD for fabric finishing gives 10 different functions to fabric while maintaining the natural softness and breathability of 100% cotton, providing stress-free comfortable wear. It acts as a catalyst particle, titanium oxide and silver ion, which oxidizes and decomposes protein that becomes the source of dirt and smell.

Moto Suzuki from COVEROSS Division, HAP Co. Ltd, Japan says that: “Many fabric manufacturers want to use our technology, but at the moment we will sell fabrics ourselves. Our multifunctional processing COVEROSS® is currently being produced in Indonesia.   We have developed our own chemicals and production facilities independently. There are requests from many companies to provide processing technology, but we are refusing them now. The reason is that the machining process is very difficult, and engineers need to stay on-site. This is a highly functional material customized to the individual requests of the customers.”

COVEROSS® SAI is also another technology, where more than five types of minerals are added on the sustainable US cotton fiber. Through high-end infrared processing, the wearers of this material can expect fatigue recovery better sleep, lowering blood pressure and other health benefits. While talking about the domestic washing, COVEROSS finishing will last for 20 home washes, but with upcoming research and continuous innovation, we expect the fabric to function with the home laundry of more than 30 times.

The Coveross®SAI was highlighted at Heimtextil on the stand of Cotton Council International (CCI). COVEROSS® is the registered trademark of HAP Co. Ltd, Japan.


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