Heimtextil 2019

Aleph Laforte 400 Fabric printer for large volume printing

LaForteĀ® Fabric has high production capacity, being able to reach the maximum speed of 920 sqm/h, according to the selected configuration.

The LaForte 400 Fabric digital printer offers a high definition printing with a maximum resolution of 1200 DPI with variable drop technology. The simplified head alignment for maximum precision, precise belt feeding movement and feed accuracy less than 20 microns ensure accurate printing results.

The advanced control software accentuates the clearness of the output, reducing the dithering effect and last but not the least, an advanced matrix dot layout guarantees an exceptional yield with consistent printing results.

The applications include printing on a wide variety of fabrics with optimal results on polyester, cotton, viscose, silk, Lycra, wool, canvas and much more.

At Heimtextil, Aleph focussed on three application areas: printing on cotton and cotton blends for home decorating and curtains, printing on the wallpaper,  and  printing on canvas for promotional articles.


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