ANDRITZ successfully starts-up a complete new spunlace line supplied to Zheijang Saihong Textile, China

ANDRITZ has successfully started up a new neXline aXcess spunlace line at Zheijang Saihong Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd. based in Xiaoshan, Zheijang Province, China. The line is dedicated to the production of a wide range of spunlace products from 20 to 80 gsm for the hygiene and medical markets, which open new markets thanks to the ultralight spunlace fabrics. The production speed at the winder is up to 150m/min with only one carding machine.

Mr. ZHOU, President of Zhejiang Saihong, in front of the neXdry Avantage through-air dryer.

This full aXcess spunlace line delivered by ANDRITZ is part of a new generation of lines that integrate the latest developments and offer a compact design with high capacity. ANDRITZ supplied the APC opening and blending system, the new aXcess Varioweb carding with three doffers, the hydroentanglement JetlaceAvantage and the neXdry air-through dryer. This new web forming system is perfectly suited to spunlace lines with only one carding machine and is able to deliver high-level spunlace fabrics with perfect web quality. The JetlaceAvantage unit includes state-of-the-art water jets with very low energy consumption.

ANDRITZ neXline spunlace line with the new aXcess Varioweb card manufactured in China.

This spunlace line signifies Zheijang Saihong’s entry into the nonwoven sector. The expertise of ANDRITZ in the nonwoven sector as well as the full support provided by the local ANDRITZ process team in Wuxi were decisive in the order being placed with ANDRITZ.

Zheijang Saihong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. has been producing various functional composite materials for about 10 years now. The company is one of the main players in China and exports its products to Europe, the United States and other international markets.


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