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A series of presentations were organized by Pakistan Textile Journal in association with ITMA Services during 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2018, in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad respectively for the promotion of ITMA 2019, Barcelona - the world’s largest textile machinery exhibition to be held from 20th to 26th June 2019 at Fira De Barcelona, Gran Via. The delegation from  ITMA Services Pte Ltd visited the leading associations and textile mills in the major cities of Pakistan.

ITMA is the trendsetting textile and garment technology platform where the industry converges every four years to explore fresh ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth. The exhibition promises to be pivotal to the success of the textile and garment industry. ITMA 2019 provides an unrivalled marketplace and knowledge platform.

Mr. Nadeem Mazhar, Senior Editor and Publisher Pakistan Textile Journal welcomed all the guests and thanked them for their valued time and presence. He especially thanked Mr. A Majeed, Chancellor Textile Institute of Pakistan, Mr. Iqbal Gigi and Mr. Muhammad Idrees,  ex -textile Commissioner and the team of the Textile Institute of Pakistan as well, as well as representatives from the textile machinery industry. He added that it was a great pleasure for him to welcome Ms. Daphne Poon, Marketing Communications Director, who was the host of the program and Ms. Pearly Ang, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager of ITMA Services, both travelled from Singapore to promote ITMA 2019 in Pakistan.

Ms. Daphne Poon expressed her gratitude to the host and all the guests and said, “I am delighted to visit Pakistan  and we are glad to be here to share the latest news regarding ITMA 2019 and more importantly, to renew our friendship.”

Introducing ITMA services, she said, “CEMATEX is the show owner of ITMA. There are nine national associations from various European countries that form CEMATEX. Every four-year ITMA brings a lot of new technological development and different innovations in the textile sector. There is palpable eagerness about the new innovations that ITMA can bring in the coming show. There are high hopes that ITMA would be the driving force for the textile business world over.”

She added, “Over the years ITMA has been the major established brand and have the support of international organizations and associations. We also have a number of media partners such as Pakistan Textile Journal.”

ITMA has witnessed seventeen successful editions since 1951. In the ITMA exhibition, the exhibitors are not agents but the manufacturers therefore, its an ideal good opportunity for the visitors’ to meet directly the manufacturers.

Ms. Daphne Poon further elaborated, “As always, there will live machinery demonstrations for the buyers to know more about the machines and the technology at work. The exhibition is divided into different  textile sectors making it easier for the visitors to contact the relevant exhibitors  and explore the opportunities through ITMA platform.”

She further explained, “Currently we have over 1600 exhibitors and space is fully sold out and unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate some very good names in this field. All exhibitors from all 19 sectors will be showcased on over 120,000 square meters space, so it’s a huge show. ITMA is also a knowledge platform and also a place to collaborate with other stakeholders.”

“ITMA 2011 also held in Barcelona was in just seven halls but now all nine halls are booked. Starting from spinning and yarn and fibre, weaving, finishing,  printing, nonwovens and garment technology with a focus on sustainability, ITMA covers all the sectors. We also try to cluster all the innovations initiatives, such as research and innovation pavilion. Some guest speakers will also share their expertise during the event. We also have ITMA sustainable awards.”

“A lot of exciting things will be happening in the nonwoven sector during the event. We are now also working together with many fashion brands. There are many companies from Pakistan, which are working for international apparel brands. In the same way, most of the brands are now realizing that ITMA is an important platform for them. A conference will also be held on the theme of dyes and colours for those interested in that sector. Digital printing sector is also focused on the ITMA show because of the large number of innovative revolutionary machinery in this sector,” concluded Ms. Poon during her presentation. 

Ms.Pearly Ang, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, ITMA Services Pte Ltd briefed about the visitors' registration process and answered other queries in this regards.

The Chief Guest at the Karachi event, Mr. A Majeed addressing the gathering said that ITMA is a very vital event for Pakistan since our textile exports are not good and not in a position where it should be in terms of value addition and profitability. Fortunately, the new government in Pakistan has promised to give some facilities and incentives to this sector. This industry is not what it was before, because it is a knowledge-based industry. So everyone should acquire knowledge otherwise the industry will never flourish. So everywhere in the world people know that textile is not an easy industry, it is a multi-dimensional industry and has inroads in several other things. In the same way, technical textiles and nonwovens are also another important for the sector which deserves the attention of the textile mills in Pakistan.

Appreciating the ITMA he said, “I am very happy to learn about the innovations that ITMA has offering to the global textile industry. If we want to improve our exports, we have to use knowledge and know-how offered by such institutions in an effective manner. In this scenario, textile colleges are playing vital roles since they are not only producing graduates they are also producing knowledge and interesting aspirants for this sector.”

“Research and Development are also very important for this sector, but unfortunately, lack of funds restricted our efforts to innovate and invest in R&D. With all these hindrances, we do educational seminars and conferences in which we also invite all the stakeholders of the textile sector. Keeping in view the importance of research, in the National Textile University, a technical textile research centre has been established. In conclusion all of us must help the country in introducing innovations and latest machinery.” 

The Textile Ministry and Textile Commissioner office should also send a delegation to ITMA to access what are the new trends and how the textile industry of Pakistan follow the new trends? Because the textile sector is everywhere and is penetrating in a number of other relevant sectors.

Pakistan Textile Journal is one of the official media partners in Pakistan and representative in Pakistan for visitors’ registration.

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