Industrial Air Training Institute Launched in Pakistan

The Asian Institute of Industrial Air (AIIA) in collaboration with National Textile University organized a training session on “Introduction to Compressed Air Engineering” at NTU, Faisalabad. A large number of industry professionals from the textile sector attended this one-day event.

Compressed Air is a major cost element in the production of products in the textile value chain. The AIIA aims to train mid-career industry professionals in the various aspects of Compressed Air Technology.

 Imtiaz Rastgar, while inaugurating the session, highlighted the important role which AIIA plays in producing engineers and technicians skilled in compressed air technology. Compressed Air is an important and costly utility, is being inefficiently produced and utilized, which results in the decrease in competitiveness of industries.

The selection and maintenance of Air Compressor system, transmission piping system, air quality and cost apportionment were discussed in detail during the training session. The production of compressed air is an inefficient process, as only 5-6% of the total power input is converted to usable mechanical energy. Consequently, what appears as minor compressed air savings are in reality substantial power savings.

Air Quality and costing experts mainly stress the need for reducing compressed air usage which unusually has a high return in forms of reducing both energy and CO2 emissions and builds company CSR image. The safety aspects surrounding compressed air are often forgotten despite the serious consequences of misuse.

The engineering and maintenance managers from leading textile mills such as Sadaqat Limited, Crescent Textile, Sapphire Textile, TEVTA, Gold Textile, Crescent Bahuman, Shan Associates and large faculty of NTU participated in the training session. While concluding the training session Dr Tanveer Hussain, Rector, National Textile University, Faisalabad, thanked Asian Institute of Air team for organizing a training session on such an important topic.

Asian Institute of Industrial Air (AIIA), a project of Potohar Center for Entrepreneurship Development is the only institute in Pakistan offering an advanced level of training courses on Industrial Air Engineering. Further information can be obtained from




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