First JetScreen LT CtS Equipment by Luescher Technologies AG

Following a 5-day installation phase, the first fully redesigned Computer to Screen (CtS) equipment, JetScreen! LT, went into operation at the beginning of January in a company called Serilith AG, located in the Seetal valley nearby Lucerne.

CtS Equipment for Large Formats

Capable of directly exposing printing screens of up to 4600 x 3200 mm, JetScreen! LT has a resolution of 2540 dpi and exposure is achieved using 128 UV laser diodes. This technology is setting new standards in digital screen making - both in terms of quality and speed. With plenty of high energy in reserve, even challenging thick layers of screen emulsion can be imaged and hardened fully without compromise. JetScreen! LT meets the demanding requirements of Serilith AG, who is a renowned partner and screen supplier to the screen-printing industry in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. Previously in March 2018, Serilith installed a Luescher Multi-DX! 340 UV which is used continually for digitally exposing smaller screens at a resolution of 5080dpi, used in high-precision printed circuit applications.

The new JetScreen! LT replaced a first generation CtS machine from Luescher, which has been in reliable operation since 2007.



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