TOLKAR SMARTEX Miracle: Fully automatic washer extractors

TOLKAR has established in 1969 as a family business for producing textile processing and commercial laundry machines at IZMIR, Camdibi (Turkey).

Tolkar’s state of the art of Washer Extractors called MIRACLE Series with its new invention “PolyRib ECO Drum” (Patented).

The Poly-RibTM drum is a revolutionary drum structure with multiple small ribs (wings) instead of 3 or 4 large beaters. This drum structure provides a better rubbing action on garments/linens, therefore increasing the effectiveness of dirt removal whereas better rinsing is obtained through rainy/shover effects. It also avoids the occasional problem of tearing of large bed sheets, when extracted at very high speeds. Besides, it is suitable for delicates by means of multiple ribs.

The ECOTM Drum is also another revolution in washing technologies. As water shortage is becoming the most important problem in the world at present days. TOLKAR has aimed to design completely new system in order to operate the washing machines with less water up to 50% and last, but not the least, TOLKAR is proud to introduce the ECOTM Drum washing machine.


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