SHIMA SEIKI SSR 112: Computerized flat knitting machine

Founded in 1962 for the development, manufacturing of computerized flat knitting machines, automatic fabric cutting machine, gloves, sock knitting machines, and design systems Shima Seiki is one of the leaders in the computerised flat knitting machines.

Over the years, Shima Seiki has inherited the know-how and experience as the leading manufacturing of computerized WHOLE GARMENT flat and glove knitting machine. The main function of Shima Seiki machines is to increase the overall productivity, with its maximum speed; providing flexible support for the varying market demands. It uses the latest technologies like R2 Quicker Carriage Return with Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS), Spring loaded Full-Sinker Systems, and many more to attain that perfect technological edge in the global market.

SSR 112, computerized flat knitting machine

SHIMA SEIKI's SSR computerized flat knitting machine offers increased productivity with a maximum knitting speed of 1.2 meters per second, as well as with the R2CARRIAGE System that achieves quicker carriage returns.

It also carries proven SHIMA SEIKI technology such as our renowned Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS), spring-loaded Full-Sinker System, Stitch Presser, Yarn Gripper, and Cutter and Takedown Comb. Furthermore, made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness, and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world's fashion industry.

The World's First Digital Stitch Device, the Digital Stitch Control System(DSCS) can be programmed with the desired loop length, after which it monitors yarn consumption continuously and adjusts yarn feed and tension to yield consistency throughout the fabric to within a remarkable ±1% tolerance. The result is quality control that is essential to shaping and integral garment production.

SSR features the Rapid Response R2CARRIAGE System which achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, resulting in a significant increase in productivity. Other improvements in hardware and software have also increased maximum knitting speed.


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