Special Report

We have enhanced our efficiency and quality with EFI Reggiani
digital printing machines
Mr. Faisal Hafeez, General Manager Processing, Nishat Mills.

Our experience with EFI Reggiani machines has been very good in the past. Together, we have learned to enhance the efficiency, quality and production of digitally printed textiles. The technical team at EFI Reggiani have listened to our concerns and made modifications accordingly. We are exporting to different countries and also creating fashionable apparel for the domestic market.

In their latest machine, EFI Reggiani has changed the technology with the better ink circulation system with 2500 nozzles per head. In EFI Reggiani technology, 100 percent nozzles are utilised for the perfect printing results. The electronics have also changed and upgraded and so has the carriage movements. The computer interface cards and components have been improved and upgraded and last, but not the least, the spare parts delivery and service also is very good and so far we have not faced any major production related issues in this context and minor issues are promptly resolved by EFI Reggiani.


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