Special Report

Digital printing allows flexibility and high profitability for fashion and hometextiles.
Mr.Hafeez ur Rehman Siddiqui,Technical Director, Nishat Mills

We are doing digital printing for fashion garments for the local market. In this context, the local market has supported the growth in digital printing of apparel textiles. The digital printing of the home textiles division is mainly driven by exports, whereas the digital printing for the apparel division is driven by the demand in local market for fashion and apparel.

The printing quality and variety have improved remarkably due to the digital printing machines. The biggest advantage that digital printing has provided is short runs and immediate changes in printing designs and styles. For instance, our production team was asked to print only 200 meters of fabric per design. This was a great challenge to digitally print only 200 meters of fabric for a discerning and quality conscious customer. We are successful in digital printing against our competition, because we focus on the quality of work instead of higher volumes.

To meet the desired quality standards, sometimes we have to increase the number of passes, which may slow down the production, but we do not compromise on the quality. It all depends upon on the colour and design. Light colours are easy, while for bright and dark colours more passes are required to get the desired colour and vibrancy. I would like to mention that the digital technology is still evolving and not yet fully developed, however, some companies such as EFI Reggiani better than the others in their area of expertise.

EFI Reggiani has the advantage of the extensive experience in making printing machines. The entrance and exit technologies in the digital printing are more or less the same, but the structure of EFI Reggiani machine is much better than others, and therefore, the machine can deal with various types of fabrics easily. Their washing device is also better than the others due to their past experience of conventional printing machines.

In general, the main issue with digital printing is colour matching. The machinery manufacturers including EFI Reggiani need to work on this feature in more detail. For example in rotary printing, we can adjust one of the four colours individually to get the desired result. With digital printing, this is difficult to achieve, and even if we can adjust colours in a particular area, it affects the printing in other areas.

Furthermore, the pre-treatment is extremely important to get the best possible results. Proper pretreatment i.e fabric preparation and padding is absolutely vital for repeat designs.

The driving force behind the great success of Nishat Group is the dedication of the top management, especially Mian Muhammad Mansha who has taken this group to the new heights.

It is due to his vision that the Nishat Group is in this leading position. Then, of course, is the teamwork at all levels of production and marketing. The top management offers 100% autonomy to the middle management with a proper system of checks and balances. Mian Mansha believes in the delegation of authority and yet at the same time is abreast with all the main aspects and issues involved in the entire production and marketing chain.

I believe that intelligent decision making is what brings success to any organization. The decisions do not always have to be 100% right. I would consider myself successful if 90% of the decisions made are proven to be right. This is how I judge our investments in EFI Reggiani machines as a success for Nishat Group.


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