DPS World 2018 Lahore

Farooq Sitara International displays Atexco VEGA 3000DT high speed industrial digital textile printer

Atexco is a company specialized in Research and Development, manufacturing, sales and services of digital ink jet printing technology and equipment. Currently their products and solutions are widely used in concerned industries like fabric, carpet, and signage and graphic printing.

Atexco was established in 1992 as a key company in the Software Park in the Hangzhou Hitech Zone and is a serial winner of the prestigious National Torch Prize. The company also undertakes projects in the Hitech Research and Development Program (part of the government’s 863 plan) and the state’s High-tech Industrial Feasibility Project.

According to Mr. Farooq Sitara, CEO of Farooq Sitara International, “The Atexco VEGA 3000DT with 32 KYOCERA heads high speed industrial digital textile printer offers 24 hours printing with daily output of 8,000 to 12,000 m2. Its exquisite sharpness gives perfect clarity, vivid color and suitable for all types of fabrics. It is equipped with linear motor rail beam, world’s top brand components and stand alone electric control cabinet and ink supply system. Its degassing system reduces print head clogging and due to higher ink concentration it is more economical. It also has intelligent output and ink consumption management.”

He added,  Farooq Sitara International, “We are one of the pioneers in the digital printing sector and introduced digital printing technology in Pakistan. The sales and marketing of Atexco digital printing machines started in 2008 and we have sold many high speed and wide width digital printing machines in Pakistan.”

Farooq Sitara International demonstrated Atexco VEGA 3000DT at DPS World 2018. With vivid colours and exquisite sharpness, Atexco VEGA 3000DT is suitable for all fabric types.


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