Salmoiraghi Group present man-made fibre automatic handling technology

Salmoiraghi is one of the internationally reputed market leaders in automated handling and storage systems for man-made yarn bobbins and other textile products. The Salmoiraghi Automatic Handling Group will be present at ITMA ASIA & CITME 2018 exhibition.

IGVD Automatic Doffing System

Salmoiraghi will exhibit the IGVD Automatic Doffing System. This is a driverless, automatically guided, battery-powered vehicle equipped with a special doffing module with twin bobbin mandrels. The vehicle features a state-of-the-art inertial guidance system, ensuring millimetre positioning accuracy.

This machine is designed to perform the same tasks as the ‘classic’ Salmoiraghi automatic Doffers, namely, travelling to the required locations in front of the winders, doffing the yarn bobbins from the winders and transferring the doffed bobbins to the next machine in the automated handling chain.

The IGVD Automatic Doffing System is specifically designed to serve both the latest generation double-chuck winders (TMT “MANTA”, and BARMAG “WINGS” and “I-QOON”) for man-made continuous yarn, as well as classic single chuck winder types.

Salmoiraghi also continues offering a wide range of “classic” automatic Doffers, designed to transfer the doffed bobbins to “Shuttle” transport vehicles travelling on overhead monorail circuits – a technology widely used by Salmoiraghi in many automated handling systems installed worldwide.

All Salmoiraghi Doffers feature numerous sustainable technology and energy-saving solutions, making them the “greenest”, quietest and most reliable Doffers ever; this fact is indicated by the certified “Green Label” affixed to these machines. Salmoiraghi will also present the revolutionary Salmoiraghi concept for Auto warehouses for fabric rolls; three of these Autowarehouses are currently in operation in Italy.

The ultimate target is to achieve high quality, lower operation costs and augment plant profitability by implementing the "Industry 4.0" Smart Factory concept and technologies.


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