THEN AIRFLOW AIRJETWIN: Aerodynamic HT Dyeing Machine

AIRJETWIN high-temperature airflow dyeing machine, the latest generation of dyeing equipment, which fulfils the various requirements of the dyeing mills.

It is important to note that in case of this new machine, through finite element analysis (FEA), the airflow and water flow situation is analyzed for design optimization. In addition, by combining THEN’S and FONG’S product advantages, the entire machine performance is further enhanced. Some of the main design features are highlighted here for the interest of our readers.

Single-Blower for Multi-Tube Design: By utilizing single blower with frequency inverter and optimizing pipe network design, the air volumetric flow rate of each tube is evenly distributed.

Integrating Nozzle System: By adjusting various combinations of multiple spraying nozzle and sprayers, the best dyeing performance of a huge variety of fabrics can be achieved.

THEN Aerodynamic HT Dyeing Machine.

XY Internal Plaiter: Fabric is plaited to and from inside the dyeing vessel to achieve an organized fabric stacking pattern inside the storage chamber. It enables smooth fabric lifting, higher fabric lifting speed and reduction of fabric entanglement in the chamber.

Overhead Cleaning System: Effective cleaning is provided through purging to rinse the kier head, thus ensuring no residue colour is left.


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