Fong’s Water Recycling System

CHTC Fong's Group, with global service for the dyeing and finishing industry, focused on its principal business in design, research and manufacture of innovative and energy saving dyeing and finishing machines to help a sustainable balance between the industrial development and environmental protection.

Fong’s has researched and developed the wastewater treatment technology, to achieve fully automatic operation water recycling system with dual-membrane processes, providing one-stop sustainable solutions of dyeing wastewater treatment, especially for the dyeing and finishing industries.

Fong’s Water Recycling System.

Fong’s Water Recycling System which can reuse any kind of qualified discharge water by using the most advanced and reliable dual-membrane processes ultrafiltration system combined with reverse osmosis membrane system. The recycled water can be directly used for all dyeing processes after most of the mineral salts, calcium, magnesium hardness, chroma, turbidity and COD composition are effectively removed from the wastewater. The quality indicator of recycling water is superior to the normal tap water.


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