Monforts Fong’s relaxation dryer Hiper Shrink Astra – MONFONGS STRAHM

Monforts Fong’s recently introduced a new high-efficiency relaxation dryer with the technology inherited from a Swiss textile machine company. This new dryer is named Monfongs Strahm, with model name Hiper Shrink Astra, for open-width and tubular knitted fabrics.

The unique Swiss mechanical design focuses on high drying efficiency, low residual shrinkage, soft hand-feel and low operating costs. This design also incorporates a heat recovery system that reduces energy consumption by half when compared with some conventional dryers.

Hiper Shrink Astra – MONFONGS STRAHM.

It is different from general energy saving principle in the industry, which has a higher capacity than that of traditional dryers. The Latin word ‘Astra’ in the model number of the machine embraces Fong's hope of that product will become the star of tomorrow in the dryer products of textile finishing Industry.


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