CHTC FONG'S dyeing and finishing innovations

CHTC Fong’s has been committed to the development and manufacturing of dyeing and finishing equipment for more than 50 years. In the past decades, CHTC Fong’s devoted to the development of energy-saving and emission reduction machines, which is now the basic requirement for dyeing factories.

Together with its well-known brands: Fong’s, Monforts Fong’s, Xorella, Then, Goller, FWT and Monforts; CHTC Fong’s is dedicated in the development of smart dyeing and finishing to build the intelligent dyeing factory. The group presents the one-stop sustainable solution in dyeing and finishing range of pre-treatment, dyeing, post-treatment and wastewater treatment in Hall 6, Stand D05 and yarn conditioning and heat setting in Hall 2, Stand E04.

CHTC FONG’S will exhibit a full line of the most advanced and innovative products and technology including their new products: FONG’S TECWIN High Temperature Dyeing Machine, THEN AIRJETWIN Aerodynamic High Temperature Dyeing Machine, GOLLER DYEPADDER ECONOMICA Nip-in-Trough, MONFORTS FONG’S MONTEX 6500 Stenter Frame Range, MONFORTS FONG’S MONTEX 6500 AIR FILTRATION OMNI Stenter Frame and MONFORTS FONG’S MONFONGS STRAHM HiPer Shrink Astra.

In addition, CHTC FONG’S will also demonstrate the innovative smart dyeing and finishing concepts at their combined booths.


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