“Market for digital printing is growing exponentially.
Mr. Salman Hydrie, Managing Director, SPGPrints Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Salman Hydrie, Managing Director, SPGPrints shared his comments with Pakistan Textile Journal about the future of the digital printing market.

Could you please identify some trends in the digital printing market in Pakistan?

Many companies who were exclusively active in exports have now entered the local fashion market. The local production and local apparel have become so big and if you take into account the size of the population we still do not have enough capacity to meet the demand that would allow for a huge scope for expansion in the future.

The industry in Pakistan is not using digital printing machines for digital designs. The primary purpose is doing short runs. Our industry is not using digital machines like the Europeans are doing by producing designs uniquely suitable for digital machines. We are doing conventional designs on digital machines to meet the increasing demand for the shorter runs. 

These short runs are also going to be the future of the export market as well since home textiles volumes are decreasing. Today, it has become a boutique market and part of the fashion textiles. So the trends we see in fashion are also being translated in the trends for the home textiles. These trends are universal and not limited to apparel. Boundaries are constantly being crossed between the fashion and home textile designs.

Menswear that conventionally was a range of blues, greys and beiges is vibrant today with a spectrum of prints and colours that are available these days.

About 8 to 10% of the total printing market is now captured by the digital printing sector.  There is an exponential growth in the sector. We have successfully sold Javelin digital printing machines based on Archer technology to dynamic enterprises such as Kohinoor Textile Mills for home textiles while M A Textiles and Opera are catering to the local fashion market. We have received repeat orders from all our existing customers. In fact, the first PIKE machine shall be installed at Opera in November 2018. This is a milestone not only for us but for the entire printing industry in Pakistan.

What are the factors that make SPGPrints digital printing technology so successful in Pakistan and worldwide?

First and foremost, the technology is not only robust but also provides the best possible results due to our patented Archer technology with rich and deeper penetration with minimal ink usage.

Our per meter ink coverage of the ground is 6-8ml, while the competition has a coverage of 10-13ml per metre making us most economical to print. We are economical due to our droplet size and our accessibility on the fabric. The pumping power is also higher as our competitors are pumping on 16 khz and we are doing on 32 khz.

In terms of overall consumption, the economy starts with the ink. In the depth of shade, our depth is 10-20% more and our black is the best in the market at the moment. How do we know that? It is because we also supply inks for our competing machines and it gives a chance to compare the performance of our machines and inks. 

What about the print heads? What is the warranty for SPGPrints?

The print head is the main cost in the machine being the most expensive consumable in the digital printing. Other heads are guaranteed for somewhere six to eighteen months. 

As compared to Kyocera heads, our guarantee is for 30 months. Furthermore, any replaced head gets a further 30 months warranty making it an unending cycle which benefits our customers tremendously.

SPG sells first PIKE® in Pakistan to Opera

Opera textile is the first Pakistani company to acquire the first PIKE single pass high-speed digital printing machine. Last year they had opted for the JAVELIN with the same technology to meet the demands of their quality conscious customers. 

Mr. Muhammad Asad Khan, Director of Procurement and Finance, Opera Textile commented on why they have decided to go for state of the art PIKE.

According to Mr. Khan, the primary reason is that the machinery is technologically sound and advanced compared to others. The Archer technology is able to give brighter results economically. Another major factor is the two and a half year print head warranty compared to only a one year warranty offered by other competitors. They had first opted for Javelin and now have decided to go for the PIKE for higher volumes that will increase production from 20,000/day meters to over 150,000/day as they are doing commercial printing for the leading brands of the country. The customers include both local fashion brands as well as exporters. A machine which is both robust as well as being capable of the highest quality and high-speed printing was needed. SPGPrints more than fulfils these requirements. That is why PIKE was an easy option after their successful experience with the Javelin.

Kohinoor goes digital with the wider width SPGPrints JAVELIN®

The first wider width Javelin has been sold to Kohinoor Textile Mills belonging to Kohinoor Group including Maple Leaf Cement. Mr. Usman Zafar, GM Processing who has been associated with Kohinoor for more than last 19 years shared his views about the decision to acquire Javelin by SPGPrints in July 2018. “This is the first machine to be used for wider width hometextiles applications for our own exports. The decision was made after extensive research and visits to fashion houses in Europe. We learned how this machine is being used by these European giants such as Missoni. I believe this technology has given us the edge to meet our customers’ strict requirements of quality and faster deliveries.”

MA Textiles opts for the second JAVELIN® after one year of
successful experience

MA Textiles has been successfully using Javelin technology to meet their requirements for the local fashion market. This was the first installation of the JAVELIN  to go into full production in the country.

MA Textiles, one of Pakistan’s leading textile printing manufacturers, continues to enhance its service flexibility and design offerings after opting for the second SPGPrints JAVELIN® at its Shahdara facility, near Lahore. The second JAVELIN will soon be commissioned to meet the increasing demand of the market, according to Mr. Muhammad Naveed Akram, CEO, MA Textiles.


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