Presentation on developments in textile rotary screens by SPGPrints Pakistan

SPGPrints Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. organised a series of presentations on Nova Screen Technology at Ramada Hotel Karachi and Serena Hotel Faisalabad. The speakers from SPG Prints Boxmeer include Mr. Henk Masselink, Commercial Manager, Rotary Textile Printing, and Mr. Albert Gebhard, Technical Sales Specialist - Textile Printing with Mr. Salman Hydrie, Managing Director, SPGPrints Pakistan Pvt. Ltd presented detailed information about their product range and latest developments. The event was attended by a large number of textile industry professionals from the leading textile mills. Pakistan Textile Journal is pleased to present some extracts of the presentations for the interest of our readers.

Mr. Henk Masslink in his presentation said that SPGPrints have always played a major role in the advancements of the industry as a global leading provider of integrated solutions for rotary screen printing in the textile, digital printing, label and industrial markets.”

Talking about the historical background of printing, Mr. Salman Hydrie said, “SPGPrints has developed first rotary screen in 1962. The person who invented that first machine was Mr. Lidaker, he developed the screen with nickel technology. In 1963, the first rotary printing machine was designed and exhibited in ITMA Hanover. Now the latest technology has designed and exhibited by the same company at ITMA Milan 2015, which was the first digital rotary machine. The fourth generation of printing is the digital printing machine. But rotary printing machines are still alive because of pigment printers.“

Mr. Henk Masslink showed the difference between 80 Mesh to the 195 Mesh printing with the help of some fabric samples. He said, “First there was a standard screen that were 85 Mesh, then Penta screens of 125 Mesh and now there are Nova screens. The Nova technology of printing which brought a big change in the printing technology. The technology is very useful because it saved the print paste, as the print paste is the most expensive part of printing.”

“The technology has provided sharp printing results with best coverage area and controlled printing with better evenness,” he added.

Mr. Albrecht Gebhard, Technical Sales Specialist – Textile Printing, SPGPrints said, “The NovaScreen® combines the benefits of the existing NovaScreen® 135 ED (mesh) and NovaScreen® 165ED (mesh). NovaScreen® 165ED is known for its large open area (19%); whereas NovaScreen® 195ED offers a very high printing resolution. This unique combination allows printers who prefer NovaScreen® 165ED for the voluminous paste supply purposes, to work with the new high resolution NovaScreen® 195-19%. The current NovaScreen® 195ED has a 16% open area. Increasing the open area has several technological advantages, such as better paste flow and printability. It has the highest printing resolution combined with the highest screen volume, improved surface printing and benefits in geometrical printing. NovaScreen® 195-19% is a valuable addition to the NovaScreen collection.”

Talking about the Nova 245, Mr. Gebhard explained that it has been developed to match the high present standards of printed textiles set by digital printing. The screen enables the ambitious printer to come close to digitally printed samples, especially in the case of ladies’ fashion designs. Furthermore, the screen opens up new possibilities in geometrical and fine definition designs. This is particularly beneficial for imitation of yarn-dyed jacquard shirting designs.

He added, “SPGPrints offers the highest standard of digital laser engraving and exposing equipment with integrated raster for this 245Nova screen. Nova 245 enables the high definition required for home decoration printing applications, such as bedding, which is dependent on fine halftone designs printed on high-value-added textiles, like percale satin. The benefit of this screen type can be appreciated to the fullest extent in combination with high-performance engraving and printing equipment.”

He also explained in response to another question: “All NovaScreen® rotary screens incorporate a patented design with unique benefits. By combining a high mesh count with minimum spacing between holes that are extra wide and have an ingenious conical styling, the open area is remarkably large. Thus, the maximum amount of paste is transferred to the substrate, boosting print quality and productivity by printing at higher speed levels, while using less paste.”


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