Sapphire Textile Mills Limited invests in Goller SINTENSA
Syed Khurram Banoori, Executive Director, Sapphire Textile Mills Limited.

Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, a vertically integrated composite textile unit, manufacturing cotton yarn, fabric and home textiles products has invested in Goller SINTENSA to further enhance the quality of their textile products.

According to Syed Khurram Banoori, Executive Director, Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, “We acquired Goller SINTENSA as a multi-purpose machine. It gives us three main advantages which are not possible with any other washing machine. The first advantage is the washing of silk and delicate fabrics with an open width in a single pass. The second advantage is the washing of Waffle weave fabric, which is basically a thick fabric with an embossed weave. Any other machine damages the Waffle effect of the fabric. Last but not least, we are bleaching the fabric in this machine as it is a washing/bleaching machine. Thanks to Goller, we are able to regenerate the processed Waffle fabric business in Pakistan. Our new innovative waffle fabric gives a very special kind of feeling you just love to wear. ”

“In addition, the machine is perfect for gentle and low tension processing. Its unique technology, design and features reduce water, energy and processing chemicals consumption. It handles lightweight and delicate fabrics in finest yarn counts and gauges with care. Woven and knit fabrics from lightest up to medium weight and virtually any fibre or blend can be processed,” he added.

Technically, the Goller SINTENSA multi-purpose bleaching and washing range has been designed to run qualities, which we can not do on our existing setup. The processes covered start with spun oil removal, dye and print wash, washing of yarn dyed fabric and end with bleaching. The high-efficiency spray and drum arrangement system increases the washing to the high level. The individual drive systems controlled by load cell opens up the opportunity to process most delicate fabrics with the lowest linear tension possible. The Multidata PLC gives a high degree of automation, which almost excludes human errors and assures reproducible results,” says Syed Khurram Banoori.

“Our thinking is always positive towards value-addition as our focus is not simply on increasing the volume of production. We invest in new machines to produce innovative products as we are the trendsetters in this field. This is the best way to compete in the local and international market.”


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